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For fun (feels like offseason already lol)

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  • For fun (feels like offseason already lol)

    We will say since the SB win, what was a Move or 2 that you posted on here that you wanted to do but we didn’t, and looking back it would have been a home run!!!

    Mine is I posted that instead of drafting a player in the first rd of the 2016 draft, we trade it for a first in 2017 and what ever else we could get. So that we had enough ammunition in the 2017 draft to select Deshaun Watson first overall.

    Well Watson went 12th, we picked 20th in 2017 and took Bolles and of course Lynch in 2016. So it would have been easy to move up and grab him.

    So we would have traded with NO or around there and Had Watson but we wouldn’t have Lynch or Bolles.

    The other is I wanted Kyle as our coach. Not sure that would have been a HR but I know better then VJ.

    Kyle coaching Watson would have been fun to see