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the free agent Ilb class is really strong

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  • the free agent Ilb class is really strong

    it may be best to go look at one or 2 of these guys and try to get a guy like TJ Edwards in the third. Molsey Jewel and Edwards i feel would be a really good rotation if we could do that.
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    I would like Cj Mosely (prob wont happen). Or get Onwsuasor, Either one would be help for us covering TE


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      It will be nice to hopefully finally see this position addressed and not have to watch the complete garbage show that is Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis. That said I don’t mind Davis too much, if he’s not asked to cover anybody. Get Mosley it Jordan Hicks and draft a mid-rounder.


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        I’d rather draft Mack Wilson and see what Josey Jewell develops into under Fangio. Hopefully Marshall and Davis go this year although I can see us keeping one


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          Do not get too excited about the free agent class.

          Lot of guys will get signed before other teams are allowed to talk to them. Other guys will get tagged.

          IMO most of the really good players will not make it to free agency. There will be bidding wars for the players who do make it to free agency.
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