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Navarro Bowman wants to play for Fangio

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    Maybe Bowman and then draft Mack Wilson- Alabama or Germaine Pratt- NC State


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      Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
      What are you exactly disagree with though ? The linebackers we have bought in here have been guys who were slower, yes, but do you think that was the emphasis ? I think they were just what Elway perceived to be the best available at the time, so he made those selections/additions. The other thing I said was that Elway hasn't committed to spending early round picks on linebackers, that list has one 3rd round selection on it, one fourth round selection on it, and the rest are late round picks or cheap free agent additions.

      I think another reason the faster linebackers don't last as long is, the inside linebacker classes coming in are weak more often than not. Last year you had some top level talent, but there was a sharp decline after they were gone, and that forces guys to be pushed up the board as well. The year that Danny Trevathan came out, he looked like a solid 3rd round prospect when you watched him play, he stood out, but the class he came out with was about as loaded at inside linebacker as I can remember seeing.
      Not sure really, I think initially I disagreed due to the lack of emphasis at getting an ILB but I rambled for a bit and ended up agreeing. I just think the whole mindset of well we will be in a Nickle or dime defense more so we don’t need a high pick at LB is wrong because they will still be on the field a lot and can still be exploited.


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        Apparently CJ Mosely and the Ravens are talking extension, it's expected to get done so he might be off the table. Looking into the rest of the free agent group though, I really like what I was reading about Jordan Hicks and Avery Williamson. Both are considered to be good coverage linebackers, both are only 26 years old, and both guys are expected to receive big contracts which you would assume is due to great play. I would love to take care of inside linebacker in free agency to focus on offense early in the draft, especially considering the weak group of offensive tackles available in free agency.