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    Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
    Well again, I have to disagree. Denver is historically a great team that actually competes for Championships and Detroit is the definition of crap in the league. Support is needed on all phases of the game and he just doesn't get it there.

    In the end it doesn't really matter if I want him or Wentz because they aren't trading either, Denver will be drafting a QB this offseason and I am A ok with that too.
    Recent history suggests otherwise though. We have had 3 straight years of bad offensive line play, with no end in sight at this point, and we are probably the weakest we have been in a long time at the wide receiver and tight end positions. This argument, like last years with Cousins applies to the situation we are in now, not what we done 10 years ago, and both quarterbacks would have walked into just as bad of a situation here as they were in prior, where the endless excuses for their failures occurred. But you are right, we won't go the retread route again in my opinion.


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      He will probably leave next year anyway. I would Pony up a 6th for him and maybe trade places on our 7th round picks, but that is about it.
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        Stafford is super overrated. Has a terrible record vs winning teams.
        Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."