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To draft a QB this year, or next?

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  • Originally posted by Orangecrush21 View Post
    1. Many people were high on Lynch. Most people who talk about him are using hindsight in their opinion and have forgotten their own opinions on him pre draft (interestingly I was very down on him and wanted us to get Prescott who I now think will never be that good)
    2. Looking to next year to draft a Qb is every bit as risky as this one. Any one of these top guys could have a bad year or any other scenario where they no longer look like a good Qb. That would cost Elway his job.
    3. I dont know that the Browns are the rebuilding team we should model after. I get they had a good season (if missing the playoffs and firing their head coach and D coordinator is a good season). But it took them years and they're not even done. I don't think trading away top talent (namely Von, the other two are relatively easy to replace of we assume Harris will decline soon)
    Not many except us were high on Lynch in fact most were taking him off the boards after their interview. Bleacher Report said in a video after talking to scouts " He seemed very aloof & stuggled with the whiteboard". Many took him off the board completely. Yet most mags had him #3 just behind Goff & Wentz. LOL. Just shows how poor pre-draft scouting is. I just know that John has no business picking a QB. First Oz ( he was his son's friend & Paxton "he's tall and will be a project" Please find someone ( Peyton) who will tell you the truth not what you want to hear.
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    • I could make a case both ways on why this year or why next year, but opinion is that we should trade down and try and pick up a 2nd or 1st next year and then just see what is there. If we love a QB, then it better be love enough to give up 3 1st round picks to go get him. My feel for this years QB class is no one really warrants a top 10 pick.

      My target area would be around pick 20 and getting a 2020 pick. At that point if there is a QB we feel has upside potential, go ahead and draft him. Honestly, if he is not what we thought he was, we can go back to the well in 2020. I don't view Lynch and Osweiler not panning out as a big deal, or should say no bigger of a deal than Shane Ray. so to me if we want to take a flyer on Murray at that spot, go for it. Jones, sure.

      I really like the OT Dillard, feel he is a 10 year fix at OT and also like Risner at that spot. End of the day we could secure some OL talent and get better QB production regardless.
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      • Originally posted by Jonny_Quest View Post
        Murray and Grier seems like the surest things to me.

        I go off production rather than upside.

        I'm not super-worried about Murray's height. See Mayfield and Wilson.
        A 5'9" QB a sure thing? *boggle*

        Mayfield has been in the league 1 year and Wilson is an except to a rule. Not saying Murray can't do well, but a 'sure thing'... lol.
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        • I dont really understand why anyone would wait. Nothing in 2020 is a sure thing even if you believe that this class is "weak"
          A down year from any of the top guys could easily make next years vlass look weak too.
          On top of that, Elway does not have an unlimited amount of time as Gm. He needs to show improvement to get his extension and another losing season without an answer at Qb probably isnt good for his image. But even if we have a good season without getting our Qb we still have to adress it sooner or later and a winning season means you have to trade up even further to get a top talent


          • what about both. we are devoid of QB talent i think we need to keep drafting one in the top 3 rounds till one sticks, and then hopefully another sticks as a backup.
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