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    Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
    i bolded where i lose you. you need to reevalute the secondary a bit Jackson and Simmons or Jackson and parks will be our starting safeties. i don't think parks gets much of an uptick there. taking everything that i have read is about Jackson as one of the starting safeties in denver. i feel we still really thin and may have to count as Yaidom as the number 3 or put Callahan outside on WR. our CB group lacks a bigger guy who can pair up against the good big WR like Mike Evans.

    We do need MLb but there are some Mid ILB who may be able to show up and start on day one. i really Like a Germaine Pratt for example.
    I just expect a lot of 3 Safety looks since we don’t have a ILB that can cover. Pratt is also listed as a top 5 ILB prospect by many although I think he’s a bit of a project at ILB


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      Originally posted by Jonny_Quest View Post
      I'm with you on Flacco.

      I think coaching counts for a lot more than you think. The one-season difference between Fisher and McVay is pretty staggering. Same with Nagy and Fox.
      I think you're evaluating both situations at a very basic, surface level, without actually having a deep understanding of the specifics of either situation, again just saying it was the coaching. I would challenge you to discuss how, and the specifics, but I wont get into that debate as it would be a waste of everyones time. I understand the importance of coaching, and I wanted Joseph and company fired after the Washington game in 2017, but again, I wont get into the specifics on that coaching debate. Let's just say, this off-season we have taken positive steps in the right direction in terms of coaching, personnel, and I think it will lead to us being around .500 this year, and potentially pushing for a playoff spot. We still do seriously lack talent at multiple spots along the offensive line, we have weak links on the interior of the defensive line, the linebacking core, and the safety position, and tight-end is yet again a problem area for this offense. I am hoping for at least 3 starters in the draft, but I think people still overrate the talent that we do have on this team.


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        104.3 is making the connection for Will Grier. Rich Scangs was the QB coach for the senior bowl, Broncos had 2 Formal Interviews with QBs during the Combine...Stidham....and Greir....

        Could Scangs pound the table for Grier in the 2nd?


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          Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
          ** LOADING RESPONSE **

          It was because they had no motivation because the coaching staff sucked.
          Originally posted by Jonny_Quest View Post
          Yet those same players made every tackle, and nailed every angle under Kubiak and Wade.

          Funny how that works...
          See...that's what has really bothered me for a while now about this team. Too many plays where not everyone on the field looked like they were giving their best effort, or were focused on their responsibilities. Part of that is coaching but I think it's more correct to just label it "leadership." I'm reminded of that game against San Diego in 2015 when PFM replaced Oz. Osweiler wasn't actually playing badly in that game. But the team disintegrated around him. PFM comes in and suddenly everyone gets their crap together. Like night and day. We win, go on to win the Superbowl with PFM. But, if you don't have a PFM at QB, you blame the coaches when the team plays sloppy because they are supposed to be the "leadership" of the team. And I think that's a valid criticism.
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            Interesting article on Will Grier:
            Adopt-A-Bronco: Jonathon Cooper


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              Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
              Counterpoint: I too watch a lot of WVU football and there's a good bit impressive about Grier.

              I've never understood the "hey look at this one specific game player X had. That's exactly who they are". You can do that but it does nothing for me. In fact, I can do it too if you like. Watch how Grier responded to Texas when they put pressure on him - he threw a 40 yard game winning TD.

              I'll take your bet. Easily taken before the 3rd.
              CPs please!