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    Originally posted by sra84 View Post
    And I love the people who won't draft a player at a certain spot just because of the position. It's such a lame, tired argument.

    Think Rob Gronkowski or Tony Gonzalez wouldn't go top 15, in hindsight, if teams had the chance to? Think the Colts regret taking Quenton Nelson, a guard, over tackles Mike McGlinchey or Kolton Miller, last year?
    who is the last first round TE to get 1000 yards WR ebron is the last one to get double digit TDs it just took him 5 years,
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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      I think there was a lot of good research on this topic, but to trade back a 1st rounder to only get a 3rd and 5th rounder isn't enough in my opinion.

      The first four picks are solid, and I especially like the Blake Cashman pick. However instead of Renell Wren, possibly Cortez Broughton in the 5th round. Also there will be a need at WR2 where Sanders plays. Currently no one on the roster is at the level Sanders is, and the chances of him seeing another contract with us is fairly minimal. I'd like to see us draft someone like Emanuel Hall or Jaylen Hurd as outside receivers that can get separation.

      Also I don't believe Herbig will be worth the pickup. If we are trading back, I would hope it would be so that we could get Dalton Risner at 15. He can play interior and swing tackle and really excel under Mike Munchak. The tight end class has depth, I would take advantage of it and draft Josh Oliver, Dawson Knox, or Kahale Warring later.
      Superbowl 50 Champions!


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        Originally posted by sra84 View Post
        Thanks, I appreciate it.
        I like the way you're looking at things I just do not feel that we get proper value for 10 with the trade. IMO 2 1s would be my minimum and I don't think that is outrageous either. Number 15 this year and Washington's 1st next year. This gives us two 1s next draft where - if and when we think we might find our guy after Flacco we package and trade up....


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          Originally posted by crp24lbc View Post
          There is NO WAY u give up value on the trade chart when the other team is trading up for a QB. I would be extremely disappointed in not only the players drafted in this mock (TEs are just not worth top 15 picks I dont care who they are), but also the fact that we gave up a top 10 pick and all we got back was a 3rd and a 5th. Not smart business
          Last year the Cardinals traded to the #10 slot from #15. The cost was a 3rd and 5th rounder. In fact they were slightly lower picks than these.

          Someone might pay a bit more for a QB but based on very recent history, this is a reasonable trade


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            To me, this is not a year where the top 10 prospects, especially, QB, will warrant any team giving up a lot to move up only 5 spots.
            If there's an Andrew Luck type QB, yeah, you can get more.


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              As for my mock, believe me, I can think of other guys I could have put in. DT Khalen Saunders, OT Dennis Daley, LB Mack Wilson, LB Germaine Pratt, staying put at #10 and taking Devin Bush, you name it.

              If it were me, I would stay at #10 and take Bush. I have just read and heard that Elway is looking to possibly trade back, not far, and really likes both Iowa TE's.


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                Originally posted by myoung View Post
                Last year the Cardinals traded to the #10 slot from #15. The cost was a 3rd and 5th rounder. In fact they were slightly lower picks than these.

                Someone might pay a bit more for a QB but based on very recent history, this is a reasonable trade
                Yes, Arizona gave #15, #79 and#152 to move up to#10 last year. That was the trade I used as a my frame of reference.


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                  Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
                  i don't think Fant is a good enough inline blocker or Inline TE. one of the things i keep reading about him is you need to give him outside routes and move him around to get him going. i find it worrisome for such a high pick.i feel like and look at the Type of TE that Fant is. and the numbers those guys put up are not really what i would like to see of a pick that high.
                  Don’t tell me what he can’t do, tell me what he can do. That’s what some of the top coaches think.

                  It’s a game of matchups and Athletically Fant is one of the most athletic TE’s coming out in the last 8-10 years. 4.5 flat and 40” Vert is crazy. Okay so he may not be the greatest blocker, but we have plenty of blocking TE’s on the roster.

                  What we don’t have is a TE that teams have to account for. A TE you need to make sure you have the right person on him at all times. They don’t even bother thinking about our TE’s because there is not threat.

                  I’m not pounding he table for Fant but if we trade down and take him it will be a very good pick. He will open up the offense. Put stress on the defense and make life easier for all our WR’s. Put on 10lbs and become an above average blocker and you will have a monster on your hands. At the minimum though he’s a very tough matchup that will win split out constantly.


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                    Nailed the first pick! Let's see how I do tomorrow...


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                      Originally posted by sra84 View Post
                      Nailed the first pick! Let's see how I do tomorrow...


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                        Originally posted by sra84 View Post
                        I know, I teased, yesterday, that I would post my mock draft next Wednesday, but, surprise, here it is:

                        When doing a mock, I do it based on what I think, not only can, but, will, likely happen, based on team's draft patterns and needs. I also look at about 6-8 different updated rankings to get an idea of where players could go.

                        With that being said, here we go:

                        Round 1, #10. Trade! I believe either Lock or Haskins will be there at #10 and I don't believe Elway and Fangio go QB. Redskins trade up for a QB. Broncos trade #10 (1300 pts on trade value chart) to Redskins for #15, #76 (round 3), and#153 (round 5), (1289.8 pts on chart).

                        #15. Noah Fant, TE, Iowa.
                        I think Elway wants either Hockenson or Fant. He could stay at #10 and take Hockenson but the chance to add two picks and get Fant is too good to pass up. A playmaker TE for Flacco, who's best years were when he had a good TE in Baltimore.

                        #41. Erik McCoy, C, Texas A&M.
                        Denver gets an anchor at center for a decade.

                        #71. Blake Cashman, LB Minnesota.
                        Love this pick. Not Devin White or Devin Bush, but a quality LB.

                        #76. Renell Wren, DT, Arizona State.
                        Has the physical tools, and with coaching and development, he could be a dynamic DT/NT.

                        #125. TJ Edwards, LB, Wisconsin.
                        Another quality linebacker, who is always around the ball.

                        #148. Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern.
                        Four year starter in a pro-friendly offense. I believe Elway does want to come away with a QB from this draft and I believe he gets one he likes.

                        #153. Jakobi Meyers, WR, NC State.
                        Possession receiver, willing to go over the middle. Tough and competitive as a blocker.

                        #156. Nate Herbig, G, Stanford.
                        Massive blocker; comes from a pro-style offense. He could flourish under Munchak's guidance.

                        #182. Michael Jackson, CB, Miami (FL).
                        Physical and can smother receivers at the boundary. Not afraid to tackle and can hold his own in run support.

                        #237. Justin Collins, Edge, Oregon.
                        Developmental prospect who needs to add about ten pounds. Rotational player to start. Upside is pretty good.

                        This is what I think is the direction that Elway and Fangio go next week.
                        Hollins was a great pick in your mock.


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                          Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
                          Hollins was a great pick in your mock.
                          Thanks. Don't know why I spelled his last name as Collins. Could have been me, could have been spell check...


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                            Nice job hitting on first and last!


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                              Thanks. 3 of my picks didn't get drafted though. Nate Herbig, TJ Edwards, and Jakobi Meyers went undrafted. Shows how much the draft can be unpredictable.