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  • The NFL Draft Format

    I am hoping this is a standalone thread, because it is strictly about the format/process and nothing else. Thx for listening.

    I am a sometimes critic of The NFL. I still believe it is a money making monster, but hey, most businesses want to make loads of money!

    But I will say this...The NFL Draft is about as good a format as I can imagine! They do so many things correct:
    1) The build up over the offseason is extremely intriguing. The Combine, the workouts, the bios and interviews, and on and on, are truly strong ads for what is to follow
    2) The Day One Prime Time show is very exciting! Just one round, but it is the round we can't wait to see!
    3) The Friday edition, with rounds 2 and 3, is not as "star studded" but is often described as the more important of the two nights. So many good players to choose from. And it is a perfect segment, given the GMs and their groups get a nice overnight opportunity to reassess their boards prior to the next rounds, make all the calls they need to make, and come up with their day 2 strategy. These rounds get shorter and shorter as well, which keeps things moving.
    4) Day Three is not as eventful as either one or two, but the stakes are still high, and there are gems waiting to be taken, holes to be filled, and so much on the line. Clearly the rounds get quite fast, so teams have to be prepared. And you don't rate a draft until all 3 days go by, and even the Undrafted part is taken into account. In my opinion, most football folks can do ok in round one, but each day after is a true testament to how deep they've studied, how much they know about their own team, and how important it is to visualize your team's future. You don't just win with rounds 1, 2 and 3.

    So yes, The NFL gets high grades from me on this topic. At minimum I give them an A!!!!
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    Cmon gang....does The NFL get this part right?


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      The draft is where (one of many) the NFL separates itself from other leagues. They get the fans and players involved and make it 3 days of drafting fun!!

      Now they just need it hosted in Denver!!!


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        IMO, the draft should be awarded to NFL cities that can't have the Super Bowl because of weather.