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May not be easy to fix the OL in the draft in 2020

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    Originally posted by brianmcfarlane View Post
    If you are needing/wanting a LT, I agree that you don't draft a RT that early in a draft; you draft a LT. Wirfs may be great but he is not known as a LT. I like Austin Jackson but he did not do that well in the Holiday Bowl. I will wait and see how things turn out with the combine etc. but Jackson could be there at 15, I have seen him not anywhere near the 1st round as well... so far.
    Hopefully we don't touch Jackson any where before our second. He may have the skills but his game film is lackluster(and that's being nice. We should avoid him he is like my 6th or 7th or this draft

    Originally posted by Bootleg View Post
    Does anyone know much about TCU RT Lucas Niang? Some mocks have him going as early as the 2nd, while some as late as the 4th.

    I read that he's never allowed a sack, never committed a false start and only has two holding penalties called against him during his college career.
    He is some one worth looking into my biggest worry with him is he doesn't have the needed athletic ability to succeed in a zone blocking scheme cosmi is a good guy to look into from that list
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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      Originally posted by Alaskajoe View Post
      Also the RT/LT value debate is pointless these days. All of the divisional pass rushers we deal with come from primarily the offensive Right side ala von.
      That's not the conversation though, I agree with you on that. Pass rushers come from everywhere now days, and over the last decade the best pass rushers have been who ? Von, Mack, Watt, all guys who come from other spots other than the blindside. But, I have heard multiple offensive tackles over the years mention that going from the left to right, or vise versa being like learning a new language.

      So I don't believe in drafting a guy who has played on the right his whole career, then trying to add another challenge for him by switching his positions before he even plays. Guys earn these high round consideration based at a certain position, and they already have a tough task ahead of them having to learn way more complex line calls and protections, new playbooks, they are trying to add strength and weight, all while adjusting to the NFL talent level, so I don't think it's a smart move at all.

      If they want to draft a right tackle to play right tackle, then fine, but I am not drafting a right tackle to play left tackle. It just increases the likelihood of said player struggling to adjust both in the short and long term.