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OK Gang....What Are Your Top 2 or 3 Positional Acquisitions in Free Agency?

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  • OK Gang....What Are Your Top 2 or 3 Positional Acquisitions in Free Agency?

    I'll preface this as follows: there may not be the specific players we like in positions we want to fill in FA, so this may well be a legit factor in the end. But lets assume we can target positions and at least have a shot at one decent player in every position, within our price range.

    In The Draft poll I went OT with our first overall, then either WR or CB. The Draft is where we build our team, and look for guys who will be rocks of the roster, in key positions, for hopefully 10 or more years....whereas FA is more about filling least in my opinion. And for me, it's filling gaps in positions that either normally take a little longer for development (ie. DT) or similarly, because we have a definite need that should be "fulfilled" much sooner rather than later.

    Therefore I like the idea of fixing our interior D, with a decent DT. Our interior D needs improvement. And why not sign someone in that position who has the experience and proven development we need? I've stated this before, but I am excited if we land OT, WR and one or two other O players this offseason, but sign more D players overall in order to strengthen a unit that has slipped of late. For me, our O is only a few players away from being really competitive! So, lets begin with DT in FA.

    I also think that we should sign a WR to work in tandem with Sutton and a high draft pick, to provide Lock with all the weapons he needs. I think of a player like Robbie Anderson, who is pretty much a 50 per year reception guy, who can spread the field, and be signed for a reasonable dollar figure..

    Then it comes down to CB, because you can never have enough, and OLB, because you can never have enough pass rushers! More D!!

    I'll stop there. If we are successful in finding a few players in FA, within budget, I believe The Draft will nicely finish the resourcing job in '20.....and make us a truly competitive team going forward!

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    Some players I'm interested in are LB Joe Schobert (CLE), NT Michael Pierce (BAL), LB Blake Martinez (GB), NT Javon Hargrave (PIT), LB Nick Kwiatkoski (CHI), DT Maliek Collins (DAL), G/C Graham Glasgow (DET), LB Cory Littleton (LAR), NT D.J. Reader (HOU).

    These are mostly younger players who's stock are on the upswing.

    CB, WR, OT, interior OL and RB, to me, are better addressed in the draft. As of right now, the way the board looks right now in the first round, and with us at pick 15, there looks to be some CB's in that range, possibly an OT that slides like Andre Dillard did last year.
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      I think we’ll look at addressing ILB, CB, and WR through FA.

      Nick Kwiatkoski makes sense due to the Fangio connection and I can see that move being made. I’d prefer Schobert or Littleton personally but I wouldn’t complain either way.

      At CB it’ll depend on who actually hits the market. Byron Jones would be the top choice for a number of teams and will likely get pricey but I think Fangio’s system would be a terrific fit for him and he’d be worth every penny.

      Robbie Anderson makes a ton of sense at WR, but will the Jets let him walk? He may not be worth the franchise tag but I could see the Jets putting it on him. If he does make it to FA he should be the top target at WR. Breshad Perriman wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize. He may never fulfill his draft position because of consistency/availability issues, but he put it together down the stretch for Tampa and had as productive of a 5 game stretch as you could ask for. He’s still a burner on the outside and would compliment Sutton very well for potentially a fraction of the price as Anderson. Phillip Dorsett may be another guy to look at, Indy probably gave up on him too early and he never really fit what New England does on offense. He’s on the smaller side but he is a burner as well.


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        Thx are much better at identifying positions and names than I. Other than identifying Anderson, I am now going to look up who's available, at an intelligent price.


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          Hopefully this is an accurate list.


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            Originally posted by CanDB View Post

            Hopefully this is an accurate list.
            I agree with Anderson. I posted that in a dif thread earlier.

            They have been talking about this on 104 the Fan here. Some naMES THEY THREW OUT ARE Branden Scherff ( sorry about caps) Michael Schofield, Erik Armstead, and Jordan Phillips


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              Anyone that can cover tight ends!


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                Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
                I agree with Anderson. I posted that in a dif thread earlier.

                They have been talking about this on 104 the Fan here. Some naMES THEY THREW OUT ARE Branden Scherff ( sorry about caps) Michael Schofield, Erik Armstead, and Jordan Phillips
                It would be funny if Schofield came back. I would be thrilled if we landed Armstead.
                Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                  Bunch of oline
                  oakland raders gm
                  latavis murray trade bait


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                    If Denver opts out of a R1 and R2 WR,
                    then I'd like for them to sign UFA WRs

                    Robby Anderson (26, 4.34) @ 12M/year

                    Breshad Perriman (26, 4.24) @ 6M/year

                    Sutton, Patrick, Winfree
                    Anderson, Perriman, Hamilton

                    Spencer KR/PR

                    2 WR, 2 DL, 1 ILB, with 1 DB


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                      Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
                      It would be funny if Schofield came back. I would be thrilled if we landed Armstead.
                      agreed. He has played fairly well at OG for the Chargers but I don't see that happening.


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                        CB James Bradberry, shouldn't be too bad on the salary cap and good size, young, is a decent tackler and above average cover.
                        CB DeVonte Bausby; RFA, give an original round tender, good size and speed, should be a strong competitor for at least a #3 CB
                        DT Jordan Phillips; great at QB pressure/sacks/hits, solid against the run should be relatively affordable... maybe?
                        LB Cory Littleton; good cover LB, solid in run game, decent pass rusher ... ILB shouldn't break the bank but could be a significant cost?
                        DE Shelby Harris; the bad is that he might be looking for too much money?
                        DT Mike Purcell, RFA at least give him a tender, probably a 2nd round tender (~3.3M 1 year deal) the reason for the 2nd round tender is the 2nd round compensation if they don't match an offer sheet. Might not get much attention from other teams?
                        DE Derek Wolfe; would be great to keep him in Denver for another 2-3 years if he will sign at a very reasonable price.
                        WR Robby Anderson; might be too expensive but should try to acquire.
                        OC Connor McGovern; shouldn't pay a whole lot but he has been reliable. Morris might be an option too?
                        RB Kareem Hunt; probably not a popular option but talk is he is trying very hard to be good and he is a pretty good receiver; shouldn't pay a whole lot though.
                        Other than an OT that is on the cheap side, I don't think they should pursue any of the high priced OTs, they have their money in James at RT for the 2020 season and the high priced OTs are just too risky and not worth the money, use the draft on OTs.

                        I forgot ... Justin Simmons and Will Parks should be re-signed ... Simmons at a competitive price. Parks played well against TEs the last 2 games, shouldn't cost too much?
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                          Though I clearly endorsed it before, I see a lot of folks in on the Robby Anderson train, and I hope this happens. He would open up so much field for our other receivers, and support our run game. He is fast and has good hands. And he is, so far, affordable. If we signed him, I would go 3rd round for a WR, which means we can land an Oliner and a CB in one and two for example, with faith in what we have on O, in terms of weapons.


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                            LB Brain Martinez WR Robby Anderson


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                              I'm hoping we don't re-sign Wolfe. He's getting old and has always been injury-prone.

                              Really hope we can re-sign Simmons.

                              I really like the idea of signing Bradberry at CB and Littleton at ILB