i thionk we should look at a #3 QB or a QB to push Allen for the back up. guys i think we need to keep an eye on for it

Case Cookus
he was dynamic in fcs. there may be some growing pains. but he should be pretty good. he looks like he will be a bit of a project and can develop in to a good back up QB

Kaleb Barker
Baker was a very accurate QB for troy this year. he looked really good he may lack ideal size and stuff but he is an acturate passer that looks to be an ideal back up canidate

Nate Stanley
he doesn't do anything great and his competion percentage was really low. but he can maybe develop he has all the tools to be a very successful back up this year.

Edit: i am gonna add Anthony Gordon as a guy i am good look into that could be good value. people are comparing him to Minshew, who is a good back up QB in this league already

any guys you like in the later rounds at QB as a back for lock or some one at least to push Allen for a back up spot

another guy who i think should be pretty decent, buit it may not be at QB is a guy like Bryce Perkins. he looked okay, and he is a dual threat can run. i think he may be a great guy to use like Taysom Hill is used in NO. he has the size and had good numbers through college. including rushing for almost 1000 yards. i just kinda question if he will actually be a QB at this level. or should move to WR. cause his size and speed looks like a WR. i think he would be an interesting prospect for a Taysom Hill type role, if we are interested in that. and he is fine doing that.