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    Post Combine, Daniel Jeremiah calls for the Broncos to take LB : At 6-foot-2, 241 pounds, Murray is an ideally built inside linebacker prospect who ran a blazing 4.52 in the 40-yard dash with a 38-inch vertical jump and a 129-inch broad jump. Last year's top linebacker prospects Devin White and Devin Bush ran 4.42 and 4.43 respectively, but they were both lighter and smaller all-around than Murray, who isn't far behind them at 4.52 anyway.
    Murray is right up there with both of those guys in terms of his overall athleticism, and certainly with his production at the college level. He had 17 tackles for loss and four sacks this past season from the off-ball linebacker position.

    I've been calling for Ruggs all year and still think he is the best pick for our team.....but I wouldn't flip the TV over if Ruggs and the two other WR's were gone and Murray were the pick.

    Daniel Jeremiah, one of the most respected NFL Draft analysts in the business, predicts the Broncos will take a top linebacker in the 2020 NFL Draft. NFL N...

    Below is an interesting Mock with Murray as the first pick.{ Covers the OL/WR & Defense, could live with this }

    The Denver Broncos made a trade for veteran cornerback AJ Bouye of the Jaguars. How could they wrap a 2020 NFL Draft class around him? For the second conse...
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    I wouldn't be upset one bit with an ILB, I think we should trade back if that were the case though


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      I would not be opposed but I also still have lingering issues with not taking Bush last year.

      JMO but I would prefer they get the LB in Free Agency. Littleton, Martinez or even Travathan are intriguing.


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        I think Schobert or Kwiatkwoski will be the man beside AJ next season. However, wouldn't mind taking a shot on a guy like Logan Wilson in the middle rounds.
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          I mocked Queen for us, but after reading Murray's interview at the combine, would love that kind of leadership at ILB.
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            maybe as a trade down. i still feel right now 15 is a low point for ruggs.
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              I just read this morning , an article stating he might drop due to other positions having greater value.....not saying his performance warrants a drop, just a victim of circumstance. I only posted the article about Murray being mocked to us because DJ seems to be fairly accurate and in the know.


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                We need to fix the offense. I would rather invest early draft picks to fix that side of the ball UNLESS a stud D player is clearly the BPA.

                But let's talk Murray. After watching him several times, I don't think he plays anywhere near the speed of his numbers. I don't see anything close to Devin Bush. Not to mention he certainly hasn't raised the level of that Defense.

                Specific concerns, initially he would be a liability in coverage as I see no signs of success in man or zone coverage. He tackles way to high which will be a problem in the NFL. Depends way too much on his athleticism. He is often out of position. Plays way to deep and wonders for some strange reason. At first I thought it was the Defense but reading from several scouts it is his own weird decision making. He seems lost on occasion. He is stuff and not very nimble in small spaces. Strangely gets caught up on the block. Especially strange for a guy playing in his league with his strength and athleticism. He does have great sideline to sideline speed and can get to the passer, so long as he doesn't have to shed a block.

                I think Murray has the skill set to be an average to above average MLB for some time in the NFL. I think he will have a career. I am just not convinced he is a star ILB in the league. I would NEVER spend a first round pick on an ILB unless I was convinced they are superstar potential. There is one guy in this draft that meets that criteria. His name is not Kenneth Murray.

                I also think #15 is way to high for Murray. I think someone will take him after pick 20 but I hope it is not us unless he somehow falls to the second and then I think it is a very interesting discussion based on others that might still be on the board.

                I would rather take Troy Dye in round 3, or David Woodward (love this kid) in round 4 or 6. Woodward is a monster than got hurt and if not we would be talking about him as a second round pick.