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  • Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 (3.0)

    I like DJ's commentaries most of the time, so I often present his latest goods. Here's his newest version of the top 50 prospects. I will list the top 20 (and let you folks check out the list and the player summaries if you wish to):

    1. Young
    2. Burrow
    3. Simmons
    4. Brown
    5. Okudah
    6. Becton
    7. Tua
    8. Kinlaw
    9. Lamb
    10. Jeudy
    11. Ruggs III
    12. Wills
    13. Wirfs
    14. Jefferson
    15. Queen
    16. Swift
    17. Thomas
    18. McKinney
    19. Blacklock
    20. Herbert

    My take on his new list....

    1) The 7 players I suggest we like as Oliners/WRs are all accounted for by the time DJ hits #17. (Becton, Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs III, Wills, Wirfs, Thomas)
    2) And other players we probably want, if they fall enough, are definitely still near the top. Not much surprise there.
    3) I had seen WR Justin Jefferson's name on a recent mock draft, and he is #14 on DJ's prospect list. I feel like this player is gaining traction.
    4) I like that Shenault is #36 on his list, even though he had the core muscle issue. Here's his first sentence, "Shenault is arguably the best athlete in the entire draft class". Quite a positive to have going for you!
    5) Though this is a top 50, sometimes I forget that there is a difference in terms of draft selection, given how teams have needs/player type preferences. Clearly QBs are often lower on these lists than in the final draft, though Burrow is right near the top. And Tua is holding his own. I think Tua is getting a load of attention again.
    6) Although I offer this list to you, tune in next time, and the next, because there will be changes!