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  • Kwhit’s ultimate mock!

    I put a lot of time into these, probably too much. But after much thought and deliberation this is the best, most realistic mock offseason I could think of, enjoy!


    QB Joe Flacco
    G Ron Leary
    TE Todd Heurman

    After these 3 moves we should be sitting on around 75 million in cap space, minus the A.J. Bouye deal, let’s call it 60 million.

    Free Agent Additions (bargain bin)

    QB Blake Bortles 1 yr 1.5 million
    RB Theo Riddick 1 yr 750k
    WR Jarius Wright 1 yr 1.5 million
    OLB Jeremiah Attachou 1 yr 3 million

    *we spend roughly 7 million on these “bargain” guys for depth purposes.

    Free Agent Additions (big names)

    OT Jack Conklin (4 yrs 60 million)
    I’m and tired of Bolles at LT and no matter what he says Elway is too. We have a franchise QB and need to protect him. Conklin is a RT for Tennessee but only because Lewan is all-world at LT. With some tweaking from Munch Conklin will be Lock’s blind side protector for the next few years. This also allows Bolles to move down and compete with Wilkinson for the RG job, whom the coaching staff apparently loves.

    NT Jordan Phillips (3 yrs 21 million)
    We aren’t breaking the bank on any d-linemen. Reader will be too pricey and Harris wants too much. Phillips will offer nice value and him with Purcell makes for a nice NT combo.

    DE Calais Campbell (2 yrs 20 million)
    Campbell comes home. After we lose Wolfe, Harris, and Gotsis to FA and swing and miss on some bigger names the Jags wind up cutting Campbell to clear cap space. He gives us a little bit of a discount to retire in his hometown.

    CB DeVante Bausby (1 yr 1 million)
    We miss out on Prince and some other big name guys but bring back Bausby who played very well down the stretch for us. He can compete for a starting gig in our 5-6 DB sets.

    So after all this we’re left with roughly 20 million in cap space. Franchising Simmons will gobble up most of that. Maybe approach Von about a restructure as well to clear some space to sign draft class.


    1. (15) WR Henry Ruggs (Alabama)
    Initially I was against a WR in round 1. Until I realized this. The West goes through KC, the AFC goes through KC. The age-old adage of run the football and play defense to keep their O off the field does not work. They can score at will whenever they want and no lead is safe. To beat them you have to score with them and hope for a couple defensive stops. This kid is special, his speed is legendary, and he will blow the top off defenses ala Tyreek Hill. He is the missing weapon Lock needs!

    2. (46) CB Bryce Hall (Virginia)
    He and Bausby will duke it out for the #2 job so we can keep Callahan in the slot. Hall is long and has great ball skills, he will help immensely if we truly do go to 6 DB sets.

    3. (77) C Tyler Biadasz (Wisconsin)
    Here is your day 1 starter at C. This dude is s great player and could easily be a 1st rounder if not for his lackluster performance against Ohio St. He comes in right away and competes, and could pair with Risner to be a great inside tandem for the next decade.

    3. (83) S Jeremy Chinn (Southern Ill)
    Here is a kid who is being overlooked by too many. A big athletic kid with great balls skills and possibly the answer I’m covering Kelce and Waller. Vic said he would like to run more 6 DB looks. Bouye, Amukamara, Callahan, Jackson, Simmons, and this kid gives him that capability. A great day 2 steal.

    3. (95) LB Logan Wilson (Wyoming)
    I’m really warming up to this guy. Great leader and measurables. He will be the guy to line up opposite A.J.

    4. RB A.J. Dillion (Boston College)
    We’ve been linked to this kid and for good reason. He’s an absolute bruiser but also a great athlete. If Freeman doesn’t work out here might be his replacement next year.

    6. P Braden Mann (Tex A&M)
    We desperately need to fix this position. This kid will be a pro bowl punter very soon and the “you don’t DRAFT a punter) people will be thankful we did.

    7. OL Drew Richmond (USC)
    7. DL Josiah Coatney (Miss)
    7. DL Tyler Clark (Georgia)

    There ya have it folks. Now that’s a loaded offseason.

    Changed a few things. Hope you enjoyed!
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    Im fine with drafting a punter in the 6th. Guys drafted that late don’t make the team very often anyway.
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      Hey KWhit, I respect the time and thought process. I like what you have done in FA, but I am not sure we will be quite that aggressive. But if we came away with the players you list, at those prices, we'd be in great shape going into The Draft. And as such, your draft looks quite solid, given the FA additions.

      Good work!!:thumb:


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        Replace Dye with Willie Gay and I'm all in on this OffSeason. Great work KWhit.
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          I love it. Draft Ruggs and don't look back. There aren't many defenses that are going to hold back Mahomes, so the better option is keep up with them.
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