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This the year we finally go LB in rd 1?

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  • This the year we finally go LB in rd 1?

    Not a big fan of the guy making the mock but figured we could talk about the prediction



    Kenneth Murray - LB
    School: Oklahoma | Year: Junior

    I had an NFL GM tell me at the combine that Murray was the best interview subject he's had in years. Teams love what they see on film, but Murray might be an even better leader and person. The Broncos obviously already have two absolute studs on defense in Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. Make it three with Murray.
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    Saw another mock stating Queen as the Broncos pick. Prefer Murray if that is how the draft unfolds. Great player and fills a need.

    Would be comical to see them choose a LB this year. For the first time in several years it is not my preferred choice so they probably will.


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      Fansided also has us taking Murray:

      1. First round: Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
      The Broncos could have selected Michigan linebacker Devin Bush in the 2019 NFL Draft, and instead they traded down to stockpile picks.

      This year, with Todd Davis entering a contract year and the need for speed at linebacker still evident, the Broncos could look to the quarterback of the Oklahoma defense — Kenneth Murray — to be their new signal-caller defensively.

      Murray is a stud of an athlete, a tackling machine, and a weapon on third down both in coverage and as a pass rusher.

      Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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        wouldnt 15 be a little high for him? most of what i have seen has him at early to mid 20s
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          I’ve seen him tied to us in a few mo is too..

          Don’t know enough about him..but seems a bit of a reach


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            I feel like we already have a Kenneth Murray on our team in AJ Johnson. I also don't feel like Todd Davis is necessarily bad, we just need a rotational guy who can play the nickel and cover whether that be a S or LB. Reaching for a LB at #15 would be bad, although I like Murray as a prospect with his sideline-to-sideline explosiveness and strong instincts. LB is a secondary need for me behind WR, CB, and C. Other secondary needs would be OT, NT, and S.
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              If we do, I believe Murray would be the pick. He possesses the high-character and leadership traits that the Fangio/Elway pairing seem to value. So does Logan Wilson, though, who I would prefer taking later in the draft after taking Jeudy/Jefferson/Ruggs in the first.


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                Sleek, playmaking linebacker with chiseled frame and long arms. Murray's game is predicated on speed with an ability to fly around from sideline to sideline rolling up tackles. While his twitchy burst allows him to make more plays than the average linebacker, he will overflow to ball-carriers at times. Recognition of play development and ability to take on blocks are both underdeveloped currently, but a move to weak-side linebacker would put him in position to minimize those concerns and maximize his playmaking talent. Murray has hit-or-miss qualities and is more splashy than consistent, but he's immensely talented with the ability to imprint on games on all three downs.

                Playmaking speed to mark up a stat sheet
                Very decisive and willing to take chances
                Runs and moves like a safety in space
                Fires into gaps and can put offenses behind the chains
                Averaged nearly 15 tackles for loss over last two years
                Can make all the tackles if kept clean
                Weaves and rolls downhill to close the distance on running backs
                Ridiculous range from sideline to sideline
                Instant burst to the ball from a standstill
                Scrape speed to stay square to the line of scrimmage
                Can spy, blitz or rush off the edge on passing downs

                Needs to temper urgency with additional patience
                Misdirected out of position multiple times by same play against Kansas State
                Instincts and fit recognition are spotty as inside linebacker
                Desire to make plays clouds judgment on angles
                Must improve strength and hand usage for take-on duties
                Can be erased from gaps by a square block
                Needs to play with better balance and control as open-field tackler
                Hard flows turn to overflows


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                  I am good with ILB, but not at 15 (given Simmons won't be there). I'd prefer we trade back and get a WR and ILB with our first 2 picks, if ILB is high on our list. But sure, I've advocated for a quality, D leader ILB for years, and pretty much have given up. But maybe this is the year. Murray and Queen seem to be good candidates in our draft zone.


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                    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
                    I am good with ILB, but not at 15 (given Simmons won't be there). I'd prefer we trade back and get a WR and ILB with our first 2 picks, if ILB is high on our list. But sure, I've advocated for a quality, D leader ILB for years, and pretty much have given up. But maybe this is the year. Murray and Queen seem to be good candidates in our draft zone.
                    Imo, this scenario has more odds of happening then any other. Unless we get a top 10 dropper. But I think JE liked what he did last year. Besides, after considering his trade up drafts in the first rounds, he will probably stay away from them.


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                      I would be surprised if the Broncos selected an Inside Backer at #15. I hope they draft one by #118 at the very latest.
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                        Would be a bold and out of character move for Elway to take a LB in the first couple rounds. Not seeing it.

                        My personal favorite would be Troy Dye with a late 3rd. Maybe the 4th? Undersized but makes plays. would be a great coverage LB in certain coverages for a season as a backup. Hopefully can earn the starting spot as he develops.


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                          A person could make a case for just about any position outside of QB and RB for 15. OT, WR, ILB, CB, DT/NT, DE, S, or G could all be in play. Guard and safety probably not so much but the team has a need for it all. Whichever player falls to 15 and they select I'm going to be good with.

                          If it's Murray than great, we will have one of the best LB group in the whole league!! If it's WR, great!! We'll have one if the best young and talented groups of pass catchers in the whole league!! If it's OT, Great!! We'll have a line set up for Lock for years!! If its DT, great!! We'll have one of the best first line of defense in the whole league!!

                          Point being, we need a lot and it's not all getting fixed this year. We are on the right track and in another year or 2 we'll be talked about as contenders every year, I like where we are heading!!


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                            Prefer Queen over Murray. Queen is like Luke Kuechly, super intelligent at pre snaps reads, allowing him to make a lot of plays in the backfield. Murray is best suited for Will imo, if he had a little more length I would say 3-4 OLB would be his best position. Queen should fill out at 235 to 240 and is the field general this defense needs to reach that elite status. Patrick will be an ILB that makes the guys around him better while still being a playmaker.

                            Murray is a great pass rusher and was used more that way vs coverage, he would be fantastic on a 4-3.
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                              Murray is a bad cover backer. And we need a cover backer. If pass coverage is not one of there strengths then we don't want them
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