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    After an exciting draft, the one pick that completely perplexed me was the Tyrie Cleveland pick.

    This put me on a google mission to help understand the reasoning of this pick.

    The obvious answer seems to lie in his special teams ability. Cleveland has showcased elite special teams capabilities as a starting gunner in college. As a 7th round pick, if his cap is being one of the top gunners in the league I would be very happy.

    I think his upside could be beyond that though.

    He was a top 5 wide receiver recruit out of high school nation wide (on almost every scouting board). He ran a 4.38 40 in high school. His combination of athleticism and size are pretty impressive. Some of his clutch catches in college add to his promise. His route running, hands and feel for the game is what seems to be really missing. He now has some really good route runners on our team to learn from and hone these skills.

    The gators played a spread offense that rotated a lot of quality receivers in and out (3 others were drafted including their #1 target Jefferson). Hard to get into a rhythm in a system like this that only allows for one serious possession receiver. He will be up against another crowded field in Denver, but with a lot more focus on throwing the ball. The positive of his college career is that it developed a team first attitude, which we can't discount how valuable that is in our locker room moving forward.

    I think another thing to add is that if Hamler goes down, we don't really have a speed guy to replace him for our packages that require a deep threat taking away a safety up top. I think Cleveland has the potential to be our back up plan if KJ goes down (maybe switching Jeudy to slot and putting Tyrie outside).

    The more I read about his history and potential, I begin to understand a bit why the Broncos picked another receiver in this draft.

    His elite special teams capabilities make players like Desean and Spencer really vulnerable right now. Since Kayvon Webster, Bruton and even Latimer we haven't had any consistent threat in the gunner role. Joe Jones has shown flashes and could make up an elite duo with Tyrie if he could regain his 2018 form. Our special teams has been pretty bad of late, I really think this pick could help turn things around

    Personally I like the idea of having complimentary backup wide receivers to our starting 3 that excel at special teams. That might look something like Patrick or Winfree - backing up Sutton, Hamilton - backing up Jeudy and Cleveland or Spencer - backing up Hamler.

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    "He's going to be the #1 receiver, and is going to be a star in this league for a long time" Todd Mcshay on Jerry Jeudy

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    Like many, I also was perplexed by the pick.....But, when I started reading up on this young man......I started to see potential, and I was too afraid to make a positive post about someone who likely will not see the field. I share VERY MUCH similar thoughts as you. I love an underdog story.....and this could be one right in front of us. I love the ability of our scouts to find these potential gems. Great post.