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  • Originally posted by SM19
    You can't be believed, I think, even by yourself. I'll walk you through the trade again.

    Broncos give:
    Jake Plummer - Quarterback with at least two or three more years to go
    15th pick - Could be used to get a player who will contribute immediately (an eventual starting running back, a third wide receiver) or traded up with the second rounder to get an even better player (a starting DT, RT or maybe TE).
    22nd pick - Could be used to get a player who will contribute immediately (a real pass-rush specialist, cover S, starting TE)

    Packers give:
    Brett Favre - Quarterback with no more than one year to go
    5th pick - Would have to be used on Cutler or Young, as we'd need someone ready to step in when Favre retires next year

    So basically, what's being suggested here is that we give up our starting quarterback plus potential improvements at other positions for what will at best be a marginal improvement at quarterback next year (and will more likely be a loss, with Favre playing in a new offense) and Jay Cutler.

    Really, if you want to write off next season so we can prepare the quarterback of the future, why bother trading for Favre at all? Why not just swap the picks straight up?
    Probably write off the followng season as well, 'cause if Rod retires, we have got an 'heir apparent' in place. Maybe Ash can step up, but at the moment that's up for debate.

    Now I don't get to see the college players, so I'm reliant on the 'knowledgable' bods on here. But I saw enough of us last season to know that QB isn't an immediate need, an explosive pass rusher & an offensive playmaker to help Rod out, either at WR or TE are our pressing needs.

    Besides which, let's talk about the be all and end all...........$$$$$$$$$s.
    Farve ain't going to come cheap, and will probably cost us more than Jake. A #5 pick will probably command more than #s 15 & 22.

    So, as I see it, we lose a qb, who, whilst not the best, is comfortable with this system and is coming off the best season of his career, for a guy who's umming and ahing over retirement, doesn't know the system, and is coming off one of the worst seasons of his career.

    In addition (or maybe that should be subtaction!) we ship off to 1st rounders, which could net us a playmaker on both sides of the ball, and pick a guy who'll cost more and contribute nothing next season, and possibly lose out on another signing or two because of the difference in salaries I must be missing something.

    Two final thoughts. I've loved watching Brett Farve over the years, he's been a great player and a monstrous competitior, and if you'd offered me this deal two years ago, I wouldn't have thought about it. But those days are gone.

    Finally, John Elway said that it took him 3 years to get totally comfortable in Shanny's offense. Farve will still be learning the system when he hangs up his cleats for the last time and is watchng the playoffs from home. Why would he learn the system any quicker than John did?
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