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COMPLETE 2007 Free Agent WR/ TE List

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    Originally posted by Broncos724
    You'd be amazed at how a great QB makes average WR's look good. We start Cutler next year and our current receivers will be more than enough, I guarantee you.
    Totally far as Cutler making our current receivers better anyways. I still think there's room for improvement (Devoe, Morgan, maybe even Kircus).


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      Originally posted by WABronco
      One poor game does not equal poor tendencies.

      i dunno man. . . i've certainly seen him drop passes in games besides the stupor bowl. . . . obviously he's improved his play the past year or so, but i still think of him as the guy who couldn't take itula mili's job for how many years? i seem to remember him having some conflicts with holmgren over his attitude. . . to me he just seems like a guy who lacks the drive and focus to make the most of his talent. . .

      now, i know you watch those guys more than i do, and i respect your judgement-- if you tell me he's really cleaned it up i'm inclined to believe you. . . clearly, his TD numbers last year are impressive. . . in any case, i think you're right-- he's not going anywhere. . . although, if he gets a big offer, it's possible that the hawks could let him go and draft another TE, or pick up one of those other FAs at a better price. . . .

      also, i myself would prefer graham because of his blocking ability and probable lower price tag, even if he isn't as dangerous a receiver as stevens. . . to me, he's the IDEAL second TE for our system if scheffler can develop into a starter-- an excellent blocker who still has good enough hands and speed to be effective as a receiver on short-to-intermediate routes. . . and he's balanced enough to make a solid starter if chef doesn't develop, or is relegated to a part-time role as a receiving TE because his blocking doesn't improve. . . .
      Officially Objectified by the GPA

      rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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        Originally posted by rovolution
        id love daniel graham. he'd be a great addition and he has some ties to the state of colorado already so mabye he would come here.

        Ben Watson rocks, but Graham is also awesome for the Pats. He has it all, he can block, catch and run. I'd have him starting for us if we can sign him.


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          crayton and curtis are solid number three and will be happy with either.

          As for TE's eric johnson, brady and graham top the list.


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            I wouldn't mind getting D. Bennett or K. Curtis at WR.

            D. Graham or E. Johnson for TE.
            R.I.P. Darrent Williams


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              Bennett and Graham would be excellent targets.


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                I'd take Daniel Graham for a tight end, and there are several receivers I'd look into, but I like Bennett because he's a big target. I had stated since the draft, that regardless of Walker being added and Marshall, we need another receiver. Our receiving corps isn't that strong, and it's basically one guy doing a majority of the work. Rod has not played well all year, he's slowing down and is not getting off the line like usual. He's struggling. He's came down with Timmy Brown syndrome. If we don't address it in FA, (which is the best way IMO) the draft should be loaded with receivers. We don't even have to go rounds 1 or 2 to get a good receiver, good ones will slip into the third round, where we convienently have two picks. . . (or should anyways!)

                Glad I'm not the only one who sees it this way. As I was ripped apart by some posters thinking we needed an upgrade a while back.


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                  If we get someone from that list, Johnson looks like our best bet. But I'm trying to think of a way we can rip off the Skins (again) and score Chris Cooley.


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                    Tyrone Calico, Jerome Pathon, Peter Warrick & Boo Williams were all released by their teams before the start of the season, and to my knowledge, haven't signed with anyone else since.


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                      Originally posted by In-com-plete
                      If we get someone from that list, Johnson looks like our best bet. But I'm trying to think of a way we can rip off the Skins (again) and score Chris Cooley.
                      THat's a pretty good thought, because they got a couple this year, they can't keep all of them.

                      For giggles maybe a George Foster for Cooley trade could be worked out?


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                        Has flashes of Eddy-mac in 'em. :thumb:


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                          Daniel Graham will command a huge salary, being one of the better blocking TE's with very good hands also.

                          Teams will be able to offer him more then Denver, and I would much rather focus on Scheffler and keep Alexander rather than going with that route.