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    Originally posted by WABronco
    Better be ready to outbid Washington then. Rumor has it that the Skins will spend again on both Clements and Freeney...
    I would hope we go after BJ Sams


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      Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy
      I would hope we go after BJ Sams
      He is a 4 game suspension waiting to happen isn't he?

      Or am I confusing him with someone else?


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        Originally posted by stnzed
        He is a 4 game suspension waiting to happen isn't he?

        Or am I confusing him with someone else?
        He would be a perfect fit for our kick return game, IMO.

        Send Quincy packing.

        :cool: 150 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal. :cool:

        D.J. 55's Mock Draft:

        Denver Broncos General Manager


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          Originally posted by Lorcust
          He would be a perfect fit for our kick return game, IMO.

          Send Quincy packing.
          That's cool!

          But this is the guy I'm thinking of isn't it?

          I don't want to go calling him out if I got him mixed up with someone else.

          Didn't he just get suspened again for a DUI?


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            Originally posted by stnzed
            That's cool!

            But this is the guy I'm thinking of isn't it?

            I don't want to go calling him out if I got him mixed up with someone else.

            Didn't he just get suspened again for a DUI?
            I'm not sure if it was a multiple offense, but yes, you are talking about B.J. Sams.

            :cool: 150 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal. :cool:

            D.J. 55's Mock Draft:

            Denver Broncos General Manager


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              Originally posted by Lorcust
              I'm not sure if it was a multiple offense, but yes, you are talking about B.J. Sams.

              I must be thinking of someone else.....Probably from the Bengals!

              Sorry WhoDey!


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                  My wish list (For what it's worth)

                  First and foremost Freeney. But I'm not holding my breath (as much as some would like that)

                  Graham AND Lewis. Bring 'em home!

                  Steinbach and Leonard Davis. <----I know about the size factor. But since this is basically fantasy, I can dream about him lining up next to Foster. Helping make the Broncos short yardage and goalline deficiencies a thing of the past.

                  Kelley Washington. Or Bennett.

                  Also I believe Justin Smith is a free agent. Unless he got extended I wouldn't mind seeing him brought in.

                  Zach Hilton (Who is actually with the Jets now I believe) is intriguing. But if they go after any TE other than Graham I'm going to be superpissed!
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                    Originally posted by Lorcust
                    He would be a perfect fit for our kick return game, IMO.

                    Send Quincy packing.

                    why didnt we go after willie ponder???


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                      Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
                      Mods, could we get a sticky on this?

                      Matt Schaub, RFA, Atlanta Falcons
                      Chris Simms, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                      Rohan Davey, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      Shaun King, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      John Navarre, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      Patrick Ramsey, UFA, New York Jets
                      Tim Rattay, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                      Seneca Wallace, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Anthony Wright, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals

                      Ahman Green, UFA, Green Bay Packers
                      Michael Turner, RFA, San Diego Chargers
                      Chris Brown, UFA, Tennessee Titans
                      Ladell Betts, UFA, Washington Redskins
                      Correll Buckhalter, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
                      Najeh Davenport, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
                      Nick Goings, UFA, Carolina Panthers
                      Maurice Hicks, RFA, San Francisco 49ers
                      Patrick Pass, UFA, New England Patriots
                      Artose Pinner, RFA, Detroit Lions
                      Michael Pittman, UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                      B.J. Sams, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
                      Marcel Shipp, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      Antowain Smith, UFA, Houston Texans

                      Drew Bennett, UFA, Tennessee Titans
                      Kevin Curtis, UFA, St. Louis Rams
                      Marc Boerigter, UFA, Green Bay Packers
                      David Boston, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                      Tyrone Calico, UFA, Tennessee Titans
                      Patrick Crayton, RFA, Dallas Cowboys
                      Andre' Davis, UFA, Buffalo Bills
                      Bobby Engram, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Justin Gage, UFA, Chicago Bears
                      D.J. Hackett, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Keenan McCardell, UFA, San Diego Chargers
                      Shaun McDonald, UFA, St. Louis Rams
                      Samie Parker, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs
                      Jerome Pathon, UFA, Atlanta Falcons
                      Willie Ponder, UFA, New York Giants
                      Edell Shepherd, RFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                      Travis Taylor, UFA, Minnesota Vikings
                      Scottie Vines, RFA, Detroit Lions
                      Bobby Wade, UFA, Tennessee Titans
                      Peter Warrick, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Kelley Washington, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
                      Alvis Whitted, UFA, Oakland Raiders
                      Ernest Wilford, RFA, Jacksonville Jaguars

                      TE Eric Johnson, UFA, San Francisco 49ers
                      Kyle Brady, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
                      Daniel Graham, UFA, New England Patriots
                      Ben Hartsock, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      Zach Hilton, UFA, New Orleans Saints
                      Reggie Kelly, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
                      Jerramy Stevens, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Boo Williams, UFA, New York Giant

                      Max Starks RFA Pittsburgh Steelers
                      Leonard Davis UFA Arizona Cardinals
                      Mike Gandy, UFA, Buffalo Bills
                      Jordan Black, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
                      Derrick Dockery, UFA, Washington Redskins
                      Nat Dorsey, RFA, Cleveland Browns
                      Chris Gray, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Norm Katnik, RFA, New York Jets
                      Ryan Lilja, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      Sean Locklear, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Vincent Manuwai, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
                      Roman Oben, UFA, San Diego Chargers
                      Brian Rimpf, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
                      Eric Steinbach, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
                      Todd Steussie, UFA, St. Louis Rams
                      Floyd Womack, UFA, Seattle Seahawks

                      Dwight Freeney, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      Jared Allen, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs
                      Vonnie Holliday, UFA, Miami Dolphins
                      Edward Jasper, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
                      Chad Lavalais, RFA, Atlanta Falcons
                      Cory Redding, UFA, Detroit Lions
                      Terdell Sands, UFA, Oakland Raiders
                      Hollis Thomas, UFA, New Orleans Saints

                      Lance Briggs, UFA, Chicago Bears
                      Na'il Diggs, UFA, Carolina Panthers
                      Cato June, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      Adalius Thomas, UFA, Baltimore Ravens
                      Chase Blackburn, ERFA, New York Giants
                      Chad Brown, UFA, New England Patriots
                      James Darling, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      London Fletcher, UFA, Buffalo Bills
                      Randall Godfrey, UFA, San Diego Chargers
                      Kawika Mitchell, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
                      Rob Morris, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

                      Nate Clements, UFA, Buffalo Bills
                      Jordan Babineaux, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Jason David, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      Randall Gay, RFA, New England Patriots
                      Nick Harper, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
                      David Macklin, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      Asante Samuel, UFA, New England Patriots

                      Tyrone Carter, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
                      Deon Grant, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
                      Ken Hamlin, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Michael Lewis, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
                      Donnie Nickey, UFA, Tennessee Titans
                      Tony Parrish, UFA, San Francisco 49ers
                      Ernest Shazor, ERFA, Arizona Cardinals
                      B.J. Ward, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
                      Gibril Wilson, RFA, New York Giants

                      Special Teams:
                      Josh Brown, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
                      Rian Lindell, UFA, Buffalo Bills
                      Josh Scobee, RFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
                      Lawrence Tynes, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs

                      Michael Koenen, ERFA, Atlanta Falcons
                      Matt Turk, UFA, St. Louis Rams

                      I can see Seneca Wallace, Drew Bennett, Hollis Thomas and possibly Tony Parrish coming to Denver. Just MO, Don't shoot me
                      Rebuilding sucks.


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                        Senaca Wallace would make a solid back up QB, doubt hed ever see the field after Cutler starts but would be good to have.

                        OK so is Suerbran a FA now??? I really want him back...Ernster is horrible!


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                          i'm gonna cut and paste these posts that i made in dream's recent draft thread, because i think they're relevant to this discussion as well-- obviously, the draft and free agency work hand-in-hand to improve your team and fill holes, and you need a unified strategy going into the offseason. . . .

                          __________________________________________________ _______________

                          anyone who was here last year knows how strongly i feel about rebuilding the D-line-- i think it's pretty easy to see that it's the weakest area on the team, and i absolutely believe that adding another quality pass rusher would make us the best defense in the league, period (i do think elvis is legit,and that definitely helps, but i'm waiting to see how he plays down the stretch now that the word is out, and teams have some film on him). . . my first choice would be to look for the every-down end that people are talking about-- specifically, a right end who has the physical skills to become a top pass rusher, and still has enough size to at least not be too big a liability against the run. . . that would DEFINITELY be my preference. . .

                          however, i do think that vic brings up some interesting points about adding a bigger DT. . . i'm not necessarily talking about just a run-stuffer though-- if there's a guy available who fits the bill, i think we could benefit tremendously from adding a guy who's the complete package, a guy like bunkley was projected to be this past year. . . somebody like marcus stroud, who's tremendously stout against the run and can still get into the backfield. . . not necessarily a top interior pass rusher, but a guy who's strong enough and quick enough to at least collapse the pocket. . . adding a DT like that (obviously, you're looking at a 1st round pick for that type of physical specimen) would allow us to potentially slide warren over to undertackle and let him shade and shoot gaps rather than eating up double teams, and with two tough DTs in the middle it would also make the ends that we have more effective by getting them a lot of one-on-one situations. . .

                          with LT and larry johnson in the division, it would make sense to add another big presence inside-- i think vic's right that we do struggle against true power running games sometimes. . . there's no law that cloggers can't make some plays too, and another dynamic DT could still eat up blockers to keep the LBs free, while adding push up the middle. . . i think it could be worth our top pick, and that would allow us to maybe look for another undersized pass-rush specialist in the middle rounds, somebody like dumervil or trent cole. . . combined with elvis and predator, that would give us a nice rotation of pass rushers, and we would obviously keep one or two of the blue collar ends we've got right now for depth and run support. . .

                          when it comes to safeties-- it would obviously be great to add an all-around dynamic playmaker in the brian dawkins, troy polamalu mold, but i still think that's more of a luxury than a necessity. . . we've done just fine with the guys we have, and those who say our safeties can't cover are off base. . . WA, you wanna bring out the metrics for our safeties from last year again? lynch and fergie clearly don't have great speed, and are BETTER in the box, but they're also smart positional players who for the most part are solid manning zones and helping over the top-- it's true that they aren't true coverage guys who can man-up slot receivers and the better TEs and RBs, but all three of our LBs are fast enough to negate mismatches, and we have enough talent at CB to play nickel whenever we need to. . . our safeties aren't put into positions where they have to cover receivers all that often. . .

                          besides, people are forgetting about sam brandon-- yea, i know he's hurt right now, but it's his first major injury, and he should be fine for next year. . . brandon IS a coverage safety, and in terms of covering TEs man-to-man, he's actually developed into one of the best in the league. . . also, if we add another top DT, we could probably afford to start brandon full time instead of using two safeties who play like LBs. . . i'm also a fan of curome cox-- with brandon out, we should get a chance to see if he's a legit player or not, and i think he is. . . ultimately, unless we're gonna spend a 1st or 2nd to find a dynamic safety who can do it all, i think we're fine with what we've got-- of course i'd love to have that disruptive presence back there, but i think our high picks are better spent elsewhere, cough D-line cough. . .

                          just as a point of comparison, we're better than chicago or jacksonville in the secondary, and better than jax and at least equal to chicago at LB (better in my mind because dj is far better than hillenmeyer)-- if we upgrade our line, i absolutely think we can have a D that's capable of taking us to a championship pretty much by itself. . . think 2000 ravens-- we saw what we're capable of to start the year, think what a difference a better line could make!
                          Officially Objectified by the GPA

                          rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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                            on the offensive side of the ball. . . i think we clearly need to add some depth and talent at the skill positions, but i really think we'll have a much better understanding of where the exact needs lie by the end of the year. . . that gives us a full year to see what we can expect from brandon marshall and the chef, as well as a better chance to evaluate tater as the starter. . .

                            if bell comes back soon and resumes the pace he was on, i'd like to see us extend him if we can do it without breaking the bank. . . if the injury lingers and keeps him off the field, or adversely affects his performance, it may be time to admit that he really can't carry the load, and that we need to look elsewhere. . . i'm not ready to write him off because he misses a game or two! if he can come back and go strong for the rest of the year, i think our main need is for some more depth back there-- i'm not saying that mike bell and cobbs can't get it done, but so far they haven't proven it. . . i think bell, in particular, has all the qualities you want in a backup runner, but at the very least we'll still want to take our usual mid-to-late round flier on a back who fits our system. . .

                            if tater DOES have more durability problems this year, and if neither cobbs nor mike bell really steps up, then it's a different sitaution entirely. . . at that point, we obviously should consider spending a 1st day pick on a back. . . the importance of the position to this team goes without saying, and we don't want to be like the eagles, relying on a guy who CAN'T carry a full load as a pure runner. . . of course, that doesn't mean that we would absolutely HAVE to spend our 1st round pick to find the next star RB-- portis was a 2nd rounder, and jerious norwood would have been a perfect fit here. . .

                            given our reliance on the run, if we struggle down the stretch this year i think that addressing that position has to be the first priority on offense-- if not, then it's wide receiver. . . i'm afraid this year i can finally see the end in sight for rod, and it's reaching the point where we have to consider any more years he can give us as a bonus rather than the given that it's been for so long. . . if marshall can put it together, he has the physical skills to be a #2, but at the very least we need more depth. . . this is the main position i'd like to see us address in free agency-- bluntly put, we've pretty much sucked at drafting receivers, and it's one of the positions that traditionally takes the longest to develop. . . i think that, since we don't need another star receiver necessarily, but rather a reliable guy or two, we should be able to fill that need in FA. . . . again, there's certainly no argiung that an elite, 1st round type prospect would be a nice addition, but i still think our highest picks could potentially be better spent elsewhere. . .

                            TE all depends on how chef develops-- as it stands right now, we're desperate at the position, but i think the kid is going to be a solid player. . . that jump from the small school is enormously tough, and i think he'll be fine once he gets adjusted and gains some confidence. . . this needs to be alexander's last year as a starter though, one way or another. . . he just doesn't offer enough in the passing game, and i think it's hurting our offense. . . like a lot of people on this board, i'm really hoping to see us make a run at dan graham-- he's a nice balanced player who would be a tremendous asset blocking for the running game, and while he's not a dangerous receiver, he's good enough to offer a nice option in two TE sets, and would be a huge upgrade over alexander if he had to start. . . . he's a perfect fit here, and i really do expect us to bring him home to colorado. . .

                            though in the past i've agreed with dream that this coming draft would be a good one to look for another OLT, the play of eric pears so far has given me pause there. . . obviously we need to see more than two games from him, but the kid has really held his own in pass protection so far, though huis run blocking looks pretty average to me. . . again, by the end of the year we'll have a much better idea of what we've got there, but if he continues to play well i think it greatly lessens that particular need. . . if he flops we may indeed want to look at spending a 1st day pick on a tackle, but right now i'd say we should be fine with looking for a developmental type on the 2nd day who can improve our depth, and possibly spend a year or two learning on the practice squad-- it's well known that we have good success with the smaller linemen who tend to be available later in the draft (although those guys may start to be in greater demand with more teams copying our zone-blocking schemes-- darren colledge didn't last very long last year). . .

                            we'll see how things develop, but right now i see D-line as by far our biggest priority, with WR/TE second, and RB yet to be determined. . . as for now, let's just hope that our picks come REE-EE-EALLY late. . . . .

                            EDIT: i also think that this is a pretty deep team without a lot of glaring weaknesses, and depending on how the offseason plays out (i'm not sure which of our own guys are up for free agency-- anybody know?), we'll see just how many roster spots are realistically open-- but i'm thinking that next year may be the year to look to package some of our picks to trade up after a TOP player. . . we're going to have some extra picks, and i'm not sure how many rooks we'll be able to find spots for-- obviously you like to take multiple guys because they're not all likely to pan out, but with the general quality depth we have right now (signing nate webster to an extension was a smart move!), we may find ourselves in a position where we can afford to go after quality rather than quantity, and try to add a true impact player. . .
                            Officially Objectified by the GPA

                            rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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                              alright, with all that said, there are a few free agents i'd like to see us focus on. . . freeney's the dream scenario of course, but he's going to be the crown jewel of this year's FA class, so we may as well talk about some players who have better chances of being broncos next year than i do. . .

                              i reallly think we should make finding another quality option at WR our top priority, followed by TE. . . drew bennett would probably be the best acquisition, as he's the most well-rounded WR on that list, and probably the best overall-- but that also means that he's going to draw a hefty pricetag, and may be out of our reach. . . if that's the case, i'd love to see us add kevin curtis to stretch the field-- however, i think the rams are going to try hard to keep him, and most likely will succeed. . . rather than get into a bidding war, we'd be better served to look at mcdonald or hackett, either of whom would be a solid deep threat at a lower cost. . . . if rod does decide to retire ( ), bobby engram could potentially be a nice fit in his possession role who could come in and be productive right away-- he's a smart, reliable vet who runs good routes, and has experience in a west coast offense. . . he could be a solid chain-mover on the other side of javon. . . i'm still hoping that brandon marshall will grow into that role though, and i think ultimately either macdonald or hackett would probably bring the best bang for the buck if we don't have the cash to make a run at bennett. . .

                              once again, i really expect us to end up signing dan graham this offseason-- if we don't, eric johnson would be worth a look at the right price. . . given his injury history, you don't want to spend too much on him, but he could be available for a decent price for that very reason. . .

                              steinbach would be a great addition, but as previously mentioned, it's a lot cheaper to fill holes on the O-line through the draft, and a much better long-term strategy-- if carlisle leaves (why isn't he on that list?), i think kuper will get the first shot to replace him, and i think he could have the tools to get it done-- otherwise, i think the best option would be to spend a 1st day pick on a versatile OL-- a big mobile bruiser like charles spencer (who i really wanted this year!) who could play guard for a while and eventually slide out to tackle. . .

                              either lewis or hamlin would make nice additions, and either could play SS and allow us to potentially slide sam brandon over to FS in the future. . . but i still think that if we're going to go after a top FA drew bennett would be the best choice. . . as usual, i don't expect us to be big players early in FA when the big names are available, but if we can come out of it with a receiver who can contribute right away in a #2/#3 role, and a solid 2nd TE to replace alexander, i'll be content-- that would allow us to spend our 1st day draft picks to add depth and talent to both lines (especially the D-line!), and to look for another quality RB to put in the mix. . . i still like tater, but i also think the last few weeks have validated my long-standing opinion that he's a very valuable player, but is better off in a complimentary role that limits his carries and keeps him fresh to come in and rip off long runs, much like michael turner is doing for san diego this year. . .
                              Officially Objectified by the GPA

                              rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!