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    Tim Crowder is a first-round talent, but that doesn't mean he's going to go in round one. My belief is he is not going to go in round one unless he works out well and shows up big time in the big games down the stretch for Texas this year, the Bowl game included. The depth at defensive end this year is high and there are a lot of quality players at the position, as well as other positions too. A lot of it will depend on what teams are picking where. Do I think Abiamiri will go higher than Crowder? Yeah, because he's a pass-rushing end playing that position, and it's more coveted in the NFL than a guy like Tim Crowder who plays LE.

    If you want to know my official stance on the defensive ends, and how I have them ranked. . .

    Gaines Adams is the clear number one. Based on talent, and not play this season, it's Quentin Moses. Those two are clearly ahead of Abiamiri, Woodley and Crowder who I have as tier two defensive ends. If teams are looking for a clear pass-rushing with good triangular numbers, Abiamiri will be their guy. If they're looking for a guy who can play in either the 3-4 or the 4-3 effectively, Woodley would be that guy. (Being a Michigan fan, I personally think Woodley is overrated, and might struggle in the pros; a solid prospect though.) If the team is looking for a left end, who can hold down that side of the line and help guard against the running attack and get decent pressure on the quarterback, then Crowder is your guy. Outside them, I have my tier three defensive ends, if you'd like me to name them, I'd be more than willing.

    I don't believe my personal opinion on one player should be my litmus test in regards to my "personal" beliefs on players. That's cool though, my "legitimacy" will be based on my thoughts on one player. Great. Here's my official stance on him, just so you can. . . "file it away" -- Lmao.

    Tim Crowder is a promising prospect at the left end position who can play the rush and pass well. Depending on how he plays throughout the rest of the year, (Bowl Game will help him get more exposure) and how he works out in Mobile (if he is invited and attends) and in Indianapolis -- he could potentially be a first round. He is someone that I believe has first-round talent though, and will probably play better than those who went higher in his class. Due to the depth in this draft, in particular at the DE position, Crowder could fall into the middle of the second round.

    If you want me on the record again, I think I already stated this -- but Abiamiri (not Albiamiri, so please, start spelling his name right) will more than likely go higher than him. He'll put up better numbers at the combine, and since people put way too much emphasis into it, that'll help him out.

    I'll take you bed on him in comparison to Woodley. Woodley will not be selected 25 picks ahead of Crowder. I don't think Ray McDonald will go ahead of Crowder at all. Those are my thoughts, you can file them away. I'll be man enough to man up to my personal opinions and predictions as they come. Perhaps, with some evidence, my opinion will change. But as of right now, I don't think so.

    Also, I had no clue that Texas played A and M already this year, was that a game I just missed or was it in outer space somewhere? If you meant Texas Tech, yeah he played against them. In the three games you mentioned, Crowder had nine tackles and two sacks. Not outsanding, but not bad either. So, he certainly didn't amount to squad, liked you suggested. Then again, you suggested he played in a game in which he didn't, so there goes thinking again. . .


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      A couple of questions, becuase I don't know much.

      What are triangle numbers?

      What is the difference between RE and LE?


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        Originally posted by kratos_godofwar
        QB: hopefully Troy Smith. I can dream.
        RB: Peterson, Bush, Lynch. All those will do great in the Bronco's, but highly unlikely that we go RB in the first round.
        WR: Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Jarrett or Teddy Ginn.
        DLine:Quentin Moses,Gaines Adams
        Saftey:LaRon Landry,Brandon Merriweather,Michael Griffin.

        All those will do great if we get them.[/

        Hopefully you are saying one of those people. Because I dont see it being possible to get Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and Troy Smith.....
        yeah, one of them. But if we can snag at least two off that list talk about great draft day. lol
        I think that we can possibly get Bush and Landry or Griffen on day one if move up the draft. Like we trade our 2 and 3 for low first, and our first with the skins. That way we'll have two first and one 3 round pick on the first day.


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          Originally posted by Fan in exile
          A couple of questions, becuase I don't know much.

          What are triangle numbers?

          What is the difference between RE and LE?
          Triangle Numbers are the combination of ones speed, size and strength. Abiamiri, ND -- has good size 6'4 - 270 (around) will probably run in a 4.7 and is pretty strong. Unlike a lot of ends coming out of college, he already has the size - so he has that going for him.

          A general difference between RE (Rush Ends) and LE (Base Ends) is that Rush Ends, (hence rush) are stronger against the pass and base ends, the LE's -- have to be stronger against the run because teams often run to the strong side of the field. (Tight ends usually line up beside the RT's in those situations)

          With the loss of Courtney Brown, I believe that Denver's first priority might be getting a Left End who can help hold our attack down against the run in the stop-gap, but also a guy from the position who can rush the passer. Tim Crowder would be our best bet, and would be solid value at where we're picking. If Denver is going to want a RE, who is a sack master, but may be a little of a liability against the run in the pros, Gaines Adams and Quentin Moses would be your two best options. Both are probably top fifteen selections though, unless Moses falls like Kiwanuka did on draft day this past year. Out of the ends available in the later part of the first-round, Denver will have the likes of Abiamiri, Woodley and Crowder to select from.

          Depending on what DT's come out, (Alan Branch, Jr. -- Frank Okam, Jr.) -- we should have a lot of the DT board available by our #1 pick. If Branch comes out, he'll be gone before then, and Okam probably as well. Quinn Pitcock out of Ohio St. is a guy people feel is the best overall Senior, but I'd disagree. Despite the marijuana allegations, I think that Marcus Thomas has played above and beyond him in his short time this season.

          At any case, Denver has a lot of options to go. I see us having four big needs. DL, WR, OL, S. . . and this class is loaded. We happen to have four first day picks (we'd receive the Redskins third rounder today if the season ended) and will likely maneuver and trade for more with Plummer, etc. being ammo.

          It's an exciting time to be a Broncos fan!