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    RB/FB versatility isn't common today, because colleges don't use traditional fullbacks much anymore. There are a couple traditional fullbacks in this draft, but they aren't very reminiscent of Alstott as RBs. I think the closest thing to Alstott, as a RB, in this draft is Zander Horvath. Zander's not a great blocker YET though, and he wasn't asked to do it much at Purdue. As far as true versatility, you've got guys like Connor Hayward and Jeremiah Hall. They're worth keeping an eye on, I think.
    Horvath is explosive as is John Chenal, Wisconsin. Alstott is thought of as a Fullback, but were most of his rushing attempts from Fullback depth in the I formation, or from Tailback/RB/Halfback positions? If a bigger back to run the ball is desired rather than a true Fullback, then Horvath is probably the closest guy I've seen to that type.

    Fullbacks traditionally line up four yards behind the ball and mostly block. From that spot, the run plays available for a FB are Dive or Guard Hole Trap. Trap isn't seen much anymore, especially at the pro level. So, pro Fullbacks usually get to touch the ball as receivers.

    Hackett said he'd have a FB and that Andrew Beck would be given the opportunity. If Denver wants more than one in TC, they could probably get one or two as UDFAs. Hall, Horvath and Chenal might be available that way, and Hayward might get drafted. Fullbacks can be very useful if used well in the right offensive scheme and can be had on the cheap, although Kyle Shanahan re-signed Kyle Juszczyk to a large contract (by Fullback standards). The vast majority of his yards from scrimmage have come as a receiver.

    Hackett wants to have Outside/Wide Zone as his base rushing attack. In that scheme, the Fullback is often used to block back side pursuit rather than as a lead blocker. Fullbacks play a key role in angle blocked rushing attacks.

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