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  • Extensions

    We have quite a few players playing on expiring contracts. Any chances we start seeing extensions over the next few weeks?

    Sutton, Bridgewater, Miller, AJ, Patrick to name a few.
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    Snaps Current APY Guarantees
    Bobby Massie RT Broncos UFA 100.0% 33 $2,500,000 $1,575,000
    Teddy Bridgewater QB Broncos UFA 100.0% 30 $11,500,000 $10,062,500
    Kareem Jackson S Broncos UFA 97.7% 34 $5,000,000 $4,750,000
    Kyle Fuller CB Broncos UFA 94.2% 30 $9,500,000 $9,000,000
    Alexander Johnson LB Broncos UFA 90.1% 31 $3,384,000 $0
    Bryce Callahan CB Broncos UFA 81.9% 31 $6,000,000 $3,500,000
    Courtland Sutton WR Broncos UFA 77.7% 27 $1,710,483 $4,326,945
    Von Miller EDGE Broncos UFA 74.3% 33 $19,083,333 $42,000,000
    Tim Patrick WR Broncos UFA 73.3% 29 $3,384,000 $0
    Melvin Gordon RB Broncos UFA 54.5% 29 $8,000,000 $13,500,000
    Josey Jewell LB Broncos UFA 48.0% 28 $793,496 $713,984
    Eric Saubert TE Broncos UFA 34.7% 28 $990,000 $0
    Shamar Stephen IDL Broncos UFA 28.7% 31 $1,585,000 $0
    Mike Ford CB Broncos UFA 9.9% 27 $1,200,000 $400,000
    Nate Hairston CB Broncos UFA 8.2% 28 $990,000 $0
    Micah Kiser LB Broncos UFA 2.3% 27 $850,000 $0
    From Overthecap.

    Only included players who've played snaps for us this year.

    Bridgewater becomes interesting if he continues this level of play and we make the playoffs we should absolutely try to bring him back on a multi year deal. Then the question is can you fit Von/Sutton/AJ into the picture if we bump our QB expenditures from about 5 mil to 25 mil.

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      It doesn't look like there's an easy way to create cap space next offseason. As it stands right now, we have a projected $58.9M in cap space for 2022 with $16.1M that will roll over from this season currently (total - $75.0M).

      It is super early, but hypothetically if Teddy maintains his level of play, it would make sense to bring him back. $25M per year sounds just about right. I don't think we extend him until the end of the season if not the offseason. ($50.0M remaining)

      Sutton already has a Pro Bowl under his belt, is a captain, and one of the best young WRs in the NFL. I could easily see him commanding $18-20M/year if he stays healthy and produces the rest of this season. I'll go with $18M/year for Sutton on an extension. Again, I don't think he gets extended until the bulk of the season has passed and he's proven himself again... BUT I do think he will most likely be the first to sign an extension. ($32.0M remaining)

      After Teddy and Court, this is where things get difficult.

      Of course, negotiations for Bridgewater and Sutton may include a lower first year cap number-- which, even then, would maybe give us up to $40M of space to play with. Von is playing like his old self and will be 33 next year. I see 2 more solid years left for arguably the greatest defensive player in franchise history. Will he command top dollar as he gears up for what will likely be his final contract? Or will he be the unselfish, grizzled veteran and finish out his career in Denver on a cheaper deal? If he does come back at a more affordable rate, I could see it being around $15-18M annually.

      Besides Von, both Jewell and Johnson are free agents. Will Denver look in-house to Strnad and Browning as replacements? Fangio may want a veteran relaying the plays for the defense at MLB. Jackson will be 34 and a free agent. Does he come back at his current rate of $5M per year? Will Paton go with youth and put his trust in Sterns to start next to Simmons at safety? Massie has been adequate at RT so far. Will Denver look to draft a RT early in 2022 or will they opt to bring Massie back for cheap again? Fuller and Callahan look like they will hit the market. Fuller will be replaced on the outside by Surtain and Darby, with Ojemudia backing them up. Losing Callahan will sting a bit more since he is an ace in the slot. I don't trust Bassey or Vincent as replacements in the nickel. We may very well end up looking to the draft again to find a corner, this time for the slot role.