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  • QB plan in 2022!

    Bridgewater ain’t it, he never was it, and he’ll never be it. Unfortunately by rolling out Mr. Mediocrity we ruined the development of a kid who had a chance to be it. I have issues with Lock like everyone else, but he was set up to climb in year 3, and we completely halted his development. Not to worry, hopefully Paton completely cleans house this winter and Bridgewater, Fangio, and Shurmur are long gone.

    So, who will our QB and coaches be?

    Instead of doing a full fledged mock I’ll just throw this out there so you can chew on it.

    HC- Brian Daboll (OC from the Bills)
    Great playcaller and deserves a lot of credit for Josh Alllen’s rise. He’s innovative, firey, and the exact opposite of Fangio and Shurmur.

    DC- Mike Zimmer (HC from Vikings)
    Hes out in Minny and everyone knows it. Paton uses his connections to get him in the building to run our D. The dude is a great D coordinator and will only keep our D consistently top 10, if not better.

    QB- Mitch Trubisky (FA signing 2 yrs 10 mill)
    Say what? I don’t care what anyone thinks this dude has every tool necessary to be an elite starter in this league. In Chicago he had garbage around him and a horrific playcaller (Nagy is 2nd only to Shurmur as the worst playcaller in the league) Daboll brings Mitch with him to be the stopgap, or possible be the guy. I’m not crazy about any QB in this class, only 2-3 have maybe starter potential and none will ever be elite. If Mitch was in this draft he’d be the #1 pick running away. He can make every throw, is a leader, and has great mobility. This is the guy and a safe signing for how cheap he’ll be.

    I know I know, I’m tired of retreads too, but the fact remains there is no QB in this class worth moving up for and Rodgers and Wilson are NOT getting traded, who knows what’s going on with Watson.

    I like Trubisky, he’s had a tough run. He’s cheap, he has every tool Mahomes has, and he’s entering his prime. He will utilize our offensive talent better than Teddy or any rookie we can draft.


    That’s the winning plan!

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    Josh Allen IS the Buffalo Bills offense. Maybe you like Daboll as a passing game coordinator? Because their running game is basically Josh Allen taking off when it's not there. That's why they lose to dumb teams and get smashed by good teams who contain him.

    Just hypothetical on Daboll. If we bring him in, would it look like the Teddy B's and Locks of the world dropping back 35 times in the first half, or would it be more like what he was doing ten years ago, and his offenses were trash. Either way, can you imagine Drew Lock dropping back 35 times in the first half, and being like, "Well, you know bro, just take care of the football the whole time, and take off if nobody's open. You're the RB1 too." Can you imagine that?
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      Sorry if I came off as dismissive on that, though.

      If I'm going to be a productive contributor to the thread, I like Pickett if he gets into the back of the 1st early 2nd. I don't know if he will though. You're right in that the guys who look any good are probably going to get taken higher. If they made a move for Corral, don't agree with it, but hey. If they did, they need an outside the box HC like Roman. A guy who wants to be unconventional. I don't think the offense they run in BAL is right for Corral, though. An offense more like Kingsbury's. I can see Willis early 2nd as well. Those are the ones I can accept them drafting right now. Doesn't mean there aren't other guys I wouldn't be okay with later on, and I haven't watched them all. I wanted Rodgers, but I think you might be right about him. No way the Seahawks trade Wilson. If they do, they're stupid. Been saying that for years. Don't know where the rumors come from.


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        I say no to Mitch. I would like to see Denver get Jimmy G. or Baker Mayfield.


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          Wow just wow...
          hell no to baker...he sucks and I been said he sucks before he was drafted.

          Jimmy G.....why on earth? Thus guy get injured every other week no thanks

          Mitchell...uh no he shouldnt have been drafted as high as he was.

          Everyone keeps saying this draft is weak for can't always go on hype...

          Question- last year all this can't miss qbs came out and none of them look good.. Lawrence barley throws of 100 yards a game with a lot of ints...same a Zach wilson....trey lane mehhh....I still say Justin will be special....Jones looks ok...not asked to do much..

          Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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            Don't want Rodgers or Wilson either.
            Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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              Yep Jimmy G
              Baker Mayfield
              Marcus Marriota


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                My signature says it call. I'm use to having losing seasons and we get either one of those it will continue. So run it.
                Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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                  The way this team is run I could see them trying to get Andy Dalton....for real



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                    If we don't get out "own" like all the other successful teams have done "especially in our division" what are we playing for...only 1 qb I want that's already in the nfl bc he is good, young and experienced....but I don't want him until his legal issues are done.
                    Until we get a TRUE not name "Lock" qb we will miss the playoffs and be average at best! I'm E2DS and I approve this message! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW."


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                      Let's be real, this is not a good year to be needing a quarterback. By default, the best option would be to acquire one of top quarterbacks (Rodgers, Wilson or Watson) via trade. However, I don't forsee us trading for any of them for a variety of reasons (compensation, age, legal issues). I wouldn't want Rodgers any way. Watson would need to have his legal matters resolved, and preferably, cleared of these heinous allegations. Wilson I don't think wants to come to Denver.

                      There are no pending free agent quarterbacks becoming available next year that's worth anything.

                      And the draft is a weak class. There's no way around it. There may be quarterbacks with decent traits but it's still not a class which offers a true first round deserving grade or selection. Anyone taking a quarterback in the first round next year will be making a mistake. Again, I know that quarterbacks will be taken in the first round....I'm saying they shouldn't be. And if Paton didn't think Fields or Jones was a potential franchise quarterback, I don't see how he could consider any of these prospects as a franchise quarterback either because none of these quarterbacks are better than Fields or Jones.

                      And it's obvious Bridgewater was a waste of time and sixth round pick.

                      So, after looking at everything, to me, the most logical choice based on the variables, is to let Bridgewater go, try to bring in Nick Foles, and take a flier on a QB in the draft between rounds 3-7.

                      Foles has had success in this league. In Philly, with a decent offensive line, good receivers and a solid running game, he's been successful and won a Super Bowl. Not saying we'll win a Super Bowl, but I think we can have decent success. Definitely more success than we have had with Bridgewater. We have a decent offensive line, good receivers and Javonte is a future star running back. He's been around long enough to be the savvy vet who can help the younger quarterbacks. Lock can play out the last year of his rookie deal and he, Rypien and the rookie can battle it out for the backup position.

                      But we must get an offensive minded coach with fresh ideas and innovations. And I'd use our first couple of picks to address OT, LB and pass rusher.

                      It's not perfect and believe me it's not what I truly's just probably our best option at this point.
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                        Maybe I'm a homer, but all these quarterbacks mentioned aren't much better then Drew Lock in my opinion. Nick Foles, Baker, Tua, Jimmy G, Mariota??? Really? I know Foles won a superbowl, so of course he's better in accomplishments, but I don't see him replicating that success for any team. Baker is a limited quarterback. He's slow, can't consistently hit deep routes, and just in general seems cocky for no warranted reason. Jimmy G has had two of the best offensive minds (McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan) and he still hasn't risen to elite status. Why would he suddenly improve here? Tua? I'll be honest, I don't watch any dolphins games, but he hasn't made any noise since he's been there as far as I know. And Marcus Mariota, same difference.

                        I don't want another retread quarterback unless it's Aaron Rodgers. For some reason he reminds me (personality wise) of Jake Plummer. Remember when Jake flipped off his own fans? I could see Rodgers doing that too. And I guess they both have the similarity in sporting beards in their later years.

                        If the Broncos can't land Aaron Rodgers, I want them to do their due diligence and draft a quarterback in the first round. Name him the starter in training camp.

                        I am tired of these "q.b battles" in preseason. That approach hasn't worked the last couple of times they have tried it.

                        Name a starter early. Give him all the reps. Put all resources into teaching/developing one qb, instead of living in limbo practice to practice with two quarterbacks.

                        I think "qb battles" are a sign of a dysfunctional coaching staff. Bill Belichick wasn't afraid to move on from Cam Newton this season in favor of an unproven rookie. At the time the move looked... not great. And now? Mac Jones has excelled. I know Cam Newton was cut late in the preaseason, but still Bill made a decision and stuck with it. Naming Mac Jones the starter.


                        Aaron Rodgers or draft a qb and name him the starter day 1.


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                          If we're going Trubisky we might as well just stick with TB or Lock....


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                            Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
                            If we're going Trubisky we might as well just stick with TB or Lock....
                            If were going to go with Baker, Tua, Mariota, Foles, or Dalton.. We should stick with Lock. I agree.

                            I wish the Broncos would give Lock the remaining starts for this season, so they know without a doubt that they want to develop Lock or if they have given up on him.

                            Teddy had his chance. Whiffed on it, and he can blame no one but himself for that missed tackle. That one play defines Teddy in my opinion.

                            Would you storm a hill with Teddy after he pulled that move?

                            I wouldn't.


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                              I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Russell Wilson. He won't be a 2 year plan, and he's still got HOF football left in him.
                              ​​complete pipe dream, but that would be awesome