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Von expected to explore free agency

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  • Von expected to explore free agency

    how funny would that be, we trade Von to Rams for 2 picks for just half a season and then sign him back in free agency LOL ?

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    See myself as big supporter for anyone (player/coach/front office) who got us one of these

    I would like to see Von back on a very team friendly deal. If he still looking to make JJ Watt kind of money I hope he enjoys the rest of his career else where. We got a team to build and can not afford to give a lot of money to an older guy who can not longer make a difference on his own.

    Actually if his cap hits look like JJ's 2021 and 2023 years I would be good with that. If he wants the 15.9 mil that JJ's contract hit 2021 with than go to another team.
    Let's Ride!


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      I imagine Von is looking for much more than I would want Denver to pay. If he can get it, good for him. If, for some reason, he would sign a very team friendly deal, I'd love to see him return. But Denver needs to substantially improve the Dline for Von to be effective, going forward.


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        Von is definitely not coming back to Denver until the Day Von Retires. That is just the way it is.