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  • Signed Max Borghi. Receiving back. Went undrafted, got signed by Colts, and got cut. He can make guys miss, and he's a good receiver. Has a little speed.


    • Originally posted by Thors Hammer View Post
      Fron Ian Rapaport

      The #Bears have received calls and have held trade talks centered around OT Teven Jenkins, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo. The former 2nd round pick has drawn interest based on his potential. A situation to watch.

      I know people were really high on this kid last year as a potentail starting Tackle. Sounds like he has an issue with the coaching staff, and that the staff believes that Jenkins has maturity issues.

      The kid has talent, and maybe a change of scenery would do him well.
      Maturity issues, plays with a mean streak, holds a little more than you’d like, sounds like another OT we have. Seriously though, if they’re intent on trading him, I’d be on the phone asap. Love the way he plays and while he’s not a outside zone lineman, he plays angry and I don’t think you can have too many angry olinemen.


      • Originally posted by CTM View Post
        Will Fuller could be a cheap option. Had his best season in 2020 before being banged up last season. Maybe not the true # 2 option an offense is looking for but he wouldn't need to be that here. Get him and Hamler on the field occasionally and that would create matchup problems for defenses using their 3rd and 4th DB's to cover them.
        Fuller totally 💯!!


        • Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post

          Broncos don't really have much to offer in draft capital. I've heard rumors that guys like Malik Reed could be a trade candidate. They could offer a 3rd and Reed?? Maybe just Reed??
          This! I've seen rumors about trading for Roquan Smith, but the Bears aren't going to settle for a 3rd and 4th round pick in return. They just don't have anything to deal with.


          • Roquan Smith will cost too much and won't likely have a major impact on the Bronco's defense. He is good but not all that great, IMO. I would pass on him.
            Malik Reed is at least a solid pass rusher ... I see a Shaq Barrett thing again; keep him for at least another year ... you can't have too many pass rushers.

            I think the Broncos have the talent at WR still and don't need to sign a FA or make a trade at the WR position. Also, they have the TE's to somewhat cover for the loss of Patrick, especially with Albert O.