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  • Mock no trade

    • 64.

      Troy Andersen
      LB Montana State

    • 75.

      Cameron Thomas
      EDGE San Diego State

    • 96.

      Matthew Butler
      DT Tennessee

    • 115.

      Isaiah Thomas
      EDGE Oklahoma

    • 116.

      Braxton Jones
      OT Southern Utah

    • 145.

      Matt Araiza
      P San Diego State

    • 206.

      Josh Jobe
      CB Alabama

    • 232.

      Keaontay Ingram
      RB USC
    what do you think?

  • #2
    You get an extra pick at #234, I think! Did you see any TEs?
    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


    • #3
      I like this mock- Particularly the pass rushers and Jones- who I believe is a good prospect to mold. I have been banging the table for a P as there are three solid ones that I don't believe will make it to UDFA. The only negative is not addressing S. We definitely need to add a prospect there and with about 5 really solid ones I think we are in position to land one with one of our top 100 selections.


      • #4
        Would love to see a Montana guy come to the Broncos!


        • #5
          Josh Jobe at 206? Hell yes. Keaontay Ingram is sneaky good too. Some sites have an undrafted grade on him, but I think he should be drafted. I like him better than Pledger, Ealy, Borghi, or Gray, for example. I'd rather have him as my RB1 right now than D'Vonte Price. He just doesn't have D'Vonte's upside.

          I like the draft. Only thing is the heavy investment in DE rotation. It's pretty intense. I would rather take a TE or something, but I think you got good players regardless. Braxton is a swing tackle candidate, maybe not best suited to get out and block. More of a left tackle. I've been high on him as a LT since the Senior Bowl. I don't like Andersen at 64, but just about everyone does, so I'll just let the consensus prevail on that. I will acknowledge that what I watched was probably impacted by his shoulder. I said that while I was watching him, and that was before I even knew about the shoulder actually being a thing. I think the brace is what caused me to put two and two together. He looked like a guy playing with a bum shoulder, TBH.

          I don't know if your plan would be to stand Cam Thomas up, or just make him a rotational pass rush defensive lineman for the time being. If the plan is OLB though, then we've got the double down with Isaiah Thomas. Again, it's not a deal breaker for me, I'd just rather get like Cade Otton or Ruckert and then grab Barno later on. Barno's a project, but whoever we draft as a second edge rusher is going to be strictly rotational in the depth chart anyway.