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    Originally posted by Ear2dastreets View Post
    Nope don't want'em.. Out of the 14 teams to make the playoffs.

    8. was lead by 1st qb...6 of which drafted top 10
    2. Drafted in the 2nd rd
    4. Drafted 3rd or later. One Brock Prudy has great coach, top 3 oline in the league, Wrs, T.E, and RB....and Best Def in the league.

    So for "me" as I have stated many times. Invest in High draft pick qb when the time is right. Top 10 pick.
    From this post I see you don't like drafting back up qbs
    I never said anything about a starter but you need to reload at qb most years even if it is taking a late round guy
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      Ironic bringing up Chad Kelly in this thread. Stetson Bennet charged with public intoxication in Dallas after knocking on random doors in the early morning hours.

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        Originally posted by Broncos1963 View Post

        Prediction: SF signs Brady. Purdy is backup (depending on injury). They deal Lance and Jimmy G for players and/or picks. Niners are for real for a while.
        Even with Purdy's elbow injury, I don't see San Fran as a team that will do this "rent a QB for a year". Yes, they are a win now team, so it must be appealing, but surely they will want to see what they have in Lance, and I can't imagine they keep all 3 QB's if they get Brady. Which one of Purdy or Lance will want be to be QB3 in that scenario?

        Jimmy G, we know he's gone. You only get a half a season at best out of him anyway. I think a team would be nuts to sign him to a big contract, unless it was very team friendly in that it doesn't create a huge cap hit if said team released him within the first year. Maybe someone will pay him $25-$30 million for a season, but with an easy get out, if his body only wants to play half a season.


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          If we didn't trade for Payton, I think we should have explored the price for Trey Lance as a buckup for Russ. Sure our cap would be giving a bunch of money to the QB position...but it would be a pretty attractive bridge for future.
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