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    Here is a mock draft I ran on PFF
    Notice the pre-draft trade of Courtland Sutton and our 3rd rd pick # 67
    for Cam Jurgens (Philadelphias' 2022 2nd rd pick) and a 1st rd pick # 30
    What do you think?

    Click image for larger version

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    Saw Kendre Miller in the 5th and gave you a like. Like the idea of addressing C and T straight away. Haven't watched Dell, but if he's a bigger receiver with some athleticism, large catch radius, with room to grow as a route runner, that'd be fantastic.


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      Originally posted by Spice 1
      Saw Kendre Miller in the 5th and gave you a like. Like the idea of addressing C and T straight away. Haven't watched Dell, but if he's a bigger receiver with some athleticism, large catch radius, with room to grow as a route runner, that'd be fantastic.
      only thing that was covered was safety and linebacker.
      Glen Haven Fire


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        Here is another mock draft I ran on PFF.
        This time I focused on accumulating picks while still using the top 2 selections on Center and Cornerback.

        Please feel free to also post your mock draft selections on this thread
        and give feedback on mine and others posted here.

        Click image for larger version

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          Mock and info via pfn

          1) antonio johnson s

          At 6’3″ and nearly 200 pounds, Johnson’s size is an obvious plus. But his athletic profile and strength combined with that frame make him special. The Texas A&M DB can take on and shed blocks from tight ends and linemen. His length suffocates ball carriers, aiding his excellent tackling technique. Johnson remains balanced, wraps up, and brings his legs through, leading to few missed tackles on film.

          Playing in the nickel kept the Illinois native close to the ball — exactly where you want him. Even if he dropped back to a deeper safety look, Johnson’s rapid trigger eliminated runs breaking free up the middle or out wide. In the box, he sifts through congestion to stun running backs. He is also a terrific blitzer, juking RBs and linemen to reach the QB without being touched. Johnson plays a physical brand of football and lays his body on the line each play. Seriously, turn on his tape, and 90% of the time, you will see No. 27 in frame at the end of plays.

          ​2) gervonte dexter dt
          At 6’6″, 313 pounds, Dexter is a tall, lean defensive tackle with a compact frame and exceptional length. He can use that superior length to anchor interior blockers and keep himself clean.
          With his length, Dexter brings a great first step off the line. He can generate impressive momentum out of his stance, explode into contact, and accelerate with eye-catching abruptness. Off the snap, Dexter can compound his acceleration with long, explosive strides.

          3)isreal abanikandi rb
          So much of playing the running back position is about proper execution, but RBs with elite physical skill sets can set themselves apart. Abanikanda has that to start. At 5’11”, 215 pounds, the Pitt RB has a dense, compact frame with great overall mass and good natural leverage in contact situations.
          Going further, Abanikanda is an instant accelerator with elite explosive capacity. He can surge into open space and immediately create distance. He also brings dangerous burst in congestion, and can immediately escape and find daylight after shredding through tackles.

          4)ricky stromberg c
          A component of this is his strength. Stromberg appears to possess excellent upper body strength. Furthermore, he’s demonstrated solid power from his lower half. You can see this in the ground game, where he routinely drives with his legs. However, it is also apparent in pass protection, where he sets with a wide base to form a solid anchor.

          Stromberg also displays impressive football intelligence. At the pivot, he’s tasked with communicating with the entire offensive line to ensure they are correctly set. Furthermore, he routinely looks for work, keeping his head on a swivel to pick up free pass rushers.

          In addition to his strength, athleticism, and football intelligence, the Arkansas center offers some elements of versatility. While he’s been used exclusively at center these past few seasons, Stromberg has starting experience at both guard spots, which will only add value to his 2022 NFL Draft stock.

          5)corey trice jr cb
          Shows off good explosive capacity when launching into contact situations.
          Has surprising hip fluidity for his size (6-3 205) and can turn and run with receivers off the line.
          Able to hinge around and naturally match receivers at stems in off-man coverage.

          6)charlie jones wr
          7)yaya diaby edge
          8)payne durham te
          9)jalen redmond dt

          ​so almost all of the tackles werent around or close to drafting position otherwise i would have picked one up. weypler was there when i picked but i view him similar to cush.

          both johnson and trice have size and athletic ability and we are thin at both.

          i did trade sutton for a 3rd and 6th

          i tried to fill in as many holes as i could and NOT go out of my way to make my favorites happen
          Glen Haven Fire