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    Have been looking at the roster since rookie mini-camp/tryouts and have noticed ninety-one players listed. Figured someone would be released/cut to get to ninety, but was surprised it was McManus who is designated post 1 June. It will result in some additional cap space at least some of which will be needed to sign another kicker.

    We'll see exactly how they will find another place kicker. They might have a bunch of guys in for tryouts/competition. There are about ten veteran free agent kickers plus a bunch of UDFAs. Some plan must have been in place before making this decision. They might wait until all the OTAs/Spring camps are over before settling on a new guy.

    They had Jared Sackett (UTSA) in for rookie tryouts, but didn't sign him then.
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    Found it to be an interesting move. Not sure how it saves much though. $5m salary/ $2.5m dead cap and still need to sign a new K?

    Did see they are bringing in Brett Maher tomorrow for a tryout.

    ex Cowboy, was K for Payton in N.O. a few yrs ago. Seems like a fit if he has figured out the missing of PATs.


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      I don't think we want any of the XFL kickers they seemed pretty bad.