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    Originally posted by mray View Post
    The bolded part is wrong. According to

    "Over 90% of Sports Authority Field at Mile High is sold on a season ticket basis"

    That's over 68,000 season ticket holders.
    I'm Tned, I don't post "wrong" things.

    You have to look past the headlines. We are talking about the season ticket waiting list, which is the list for NON club seats. That figure you refer to includes club seats, which I believe is around 9,000.

    Regardless of your including club seats, you are also confusing "seats" and "account holders." Your 68,000 number would assume every season ticket holder had one, and only one, seat per account. That simply isn't the case.

    The number of non-club, season ticket accounts is something in the 25,000 range, give or take a few thousand.
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      Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
      Hey, what's that number you called to find out where you are in the line? I need to give them a call
      The phone number to call is 720-258-3333

      Originally posted by mray View Post
      I'm a season ticket holder and here's what it says in the 2012 Fan Guide:

      Currently over 32,000 names on the list with a wait of 7-10 yrs.

      Doing the math that's between 3200 - 4500 people a yr. get tickets. At 6000 you are 1-2 yrs away.

      You will get an e-mail when you make it.

      You can't get one seat. Either 2 or 4.
      Thanks man. Yea I guess doing the math and going based on that, the 1-2 years sounds accurate. Plus I bet a lot of people who put on the list 6 or 8 years ago or so, have so many other things going on in thier life right now, that they may not be able to get tickets anyways, and the list will go quicker.

      Originally posted by tnedator View Post
      The wait depends purely on the number of people that don't renew, and the number of people ahead of you on the waiting list that don't buy tickets when their names come up.

      Thanks to a nameless former head coach that rhymes with click-faniel and the worst 20+ game stretch in Broncos history, a LOT of people cancelled, and waits dropped from 12-15 years to 5-6 years. By all reports, this year the renewal rate was very high, and they even sold out the club section very early (the day after Manning signed, I believe).

      There are somewhere around 25,000 season ticket holders and I think they claimed about 98% renewal last year. So, that's only opens up 500 spots on the list. Considering how many people said that when upgrade time came, there were very few seats to choose from, this number probably isn't very far off.

      Again, the other factor, and one I have no way of estimating, is how many people actually buy season tickets when their name comes up. Let's just say that only 50% buy tickets when their name comes up, that would mean that in an offseason like last year, 1,000 names come off the list a year. Contrast that to the to or three years before that, where it appears that 5,000-6,000 names a year were coming off the waiting list.

      If the Broncos go out and win 11+ games and win a game or two in the playoffs, you might find yourself waiting 3-6 years before your name comes up.

      As to your question about seats. I believe you an actually get any number you want (up to 4 seats). I don't think you are restricted to 2 or 4, but I am not 100% sure.

      As to changing. You can add seats in the future. They will let you add a maximum of one seat a year, but they won't guarantee that you can add one every year. So, let's say you add a seat this year and next year you want to add another, based on availability, number of single seats, etc., they may or may not let you the second year.

      Also, it's important to note that it is very unlikely that when you add a seat it will be neither your other seat(s). So, let's say you get 2 seats when your name comes up. Then, the next year, you call and add one seat. They will give you a seat as close to your original as possible. It might be in the next row, or ten rows away, or 5 sections away. Then, each year, during the upgrade time, you will be able to attempt to combine your seats. Upgrades are staged, where the people with the oldest accounts first get a chance to upgrade, then the next oldest group of accounts, and then the next oldest group of accounts, etc.

      Like the waiting list, this is tied to renewals. So, if the renewal rate is very high, there aren't going to be a lot of seats open to allow you combine yours. Bottom line, if you think you want two seats, it is much better to get two right away, then to get one and plan to add a second one the next year. Same with 2 vs. 4. If this offseason was any indication, If the Broncos get back to winning ways, adding seats, combining seats that aren't next to each other, etc., will be VERY tough.
      Thanks for the reply man. Yea, I bet McDaniels had a lot to do with it That probably got me moving up the list pretty quickly. Now that we have Peyton, people will want to stay on the list even more, and will make it harder. I sure hope its not a 3-6 year wait though. I've already waited long enough. But yea, thats why teams that suck, I've looked and I can get season tickets for them, with no problem. No waits or nothing. Just sign up and get season tickets. I wish it was that easy for the Broncos.

      But thanks for the reply. A lot of questions I had were answered, Hopefully in a few years I can have my tickets and find out everything when I get them.

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