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Anyone going to the Patriots game?

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    T-minus 4 days until takeoff - I will be leaving for Boston Friday night

    I'm staying at my friends house in Plymouth, plan on doing some site seeing around the area if possible on Saturday and then the game on Sunday!!!

    I would still like to know from someone who has been to this stadium if it is possible to "hang out" near where the visiting players would enter the stadium to try and get some autographs ..... I'm not sure where that area is or what time the players will be arriving but any info would be much appreciated.

    last but not least .... GO BRONCOS!!!!


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      I'll be there! I'm carpooling from Maine with a big group of Pats fans, but I'll be rocking my orange manning jersey, and meeting up with a couple of friends who are also Broncos fans. Would love to have a meet-and-greet with fellow Denver fans.


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        I will also be there. Coming down from Ottawa, leaving on Friday. Also have my orange Manning jersey ready to go.
        We will be tailgating and are looking forward to meeting other Broncos fans.



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          I'm sure all you cold weather guys will be prepared but for those like me .. coming from Florida (where it's still 83* today) ... the weather forcast is currently showing 17* and "blustery" for game time! Hope everyone takes the necessary steps to stay warm!!


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            I am also a Patriots season ticket holder. Broncos fans have had a good showing the last couple of games at Gillette. Get in early with the new bag policy as the lines are long. You will be fine as long as you don't talk about the Tuck rule or spy gate. I have been to the old mile high back in 1994 for broncos chargers and had a blast.
            It will be about 10 degrees with the wind chill at game time.


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              I will also be at the game!!


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                Hey guys, I'd love to read an account or two of your experiences at that game. I know how the game itself went, but how was for you guys?

                How were the Patriot fans to you? They treat you OK?

                We get all these threads before the games, but nobody ever tells us how it went afterward.

                Ya guys have fun? DId you stay the whole game? Details guys! Lets have em!


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                  Originally posted by JWinn View Post
                  Hey guys, I'd love to read an account or two of your experiences at that game. I know how the game itself went, but how was for you guys?

                  How were the Patriot fans to you? They treat you OK?

                  We get all these threads before the games, but nobody ever tells us how it went afterward.

                  Ya guys have fun? DId you stay the whole game? Details guys! Lets have em!

                  I apologize in advance for the length of my story. I promise it's worth the read.

                  I rode down to the game with a group of Pats fans (my wife's uncle and 4 of his brothers) with whom I was going to stay in a hotel afterward. I wasn't, however, sitting anywhere near them.

                  Right after the Pats scored their 2nd TD in the 3rd quarter, I checked my phone expecting some smack talk. Instead I found this thread that had spanned the previous ~15 minutes. (I'm Eric)

                  "Mike and I are cold. Thinking of heading back to the hotel."
                  "Us too, let's leave."
                  "Ok, let's meet at the truck."
                  <5 minutes>
                  <2 minutes>
                  "Eric, meet at the truck now."

                  Me: "Seriously? It's a 10 point game at this point"
                  "Yep. We're out of here."

                  So basically I was being forced to either throw half the $ I spent on a ticket in the trash OR find my own ride. The guy I was sitting next to had to work the next morning and therefore had to drive back to Maine after the game. So I bummed a ride with him, had him drop me off at the mall (so he didn't have to drive 30 minutes out of his way) and took a cab home from there.

                  And my wife's uncle had the nerve to be pissy when I demanded my $ back for the hotel, gas, and beer that I had already paid for and didn't use!

                  Literal fair weather pats fans. Unbelievable. Especially about all the big talk about how they were at the AFC championship game a few years ago when it was really cold and it was no big deal at all.

                  Other "highlights":
                  - Nobody said anything to my face, but there were tons of shouts of "F*@#$ Peyton Manning" after I was about 10 feet away (I was wearing an orange Manning jersey).
                  - A pats fan a few seats over asked "Were you guys even rooting for Denver when Tebow was the QB?". I replied with "Of course! I dressed as John Elway for halloween 29 years ago when I was 5!" At that point some chick 2 rows down from us turned and called me a homophobic slur.
                  - The whole stadium booed Vickerson when he went down with a dislocated hip. I think that's 3 consecutive denver games in new england where pats fans booed injured Denver opponents.

                  The bright side:
                  - Being abandoned at the game kind of overshadowed the outcome of the game itself.
                  - None of the wusses I rode down with can honestly tell anyone they actually witnessed the "epic" comeback.

                  The not so bright side:
                  - Thanksgiving at my wife's uncle's house is going to be a bit awkward.

                  All in all, the fans were about what I expected. Lots of typical spoiled pats fan hubris, but no actual threat posed. Annoying, but ignorable. It was really just the specific group I was with that ruined it for me. Still debating whether or not to make the trip down to Foxborough next season. The wife and I are thinking of taking a trip to Denver to see a game there instead. The first and only time I've done that (the infamous Hochuli game) I had a great time.


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                    Hey, thanks AccidenT79!

                    These guys really left you there because it was COLD? That's pathetic. I guess we have our fans who can't handle it either, and leave early also. They are usually not the one's who brag about standing in the cold though, lol.

                    Sounds like the typical crap you would hear at any opposing stadium. Didn't sound like they treated you too bad though. My guess is lots of those people who trashed talked you, left when your uncle did, lol.

                    Glad you made it home OK. Remind your uncle tomorrow Bronco fans can handle the cold, even if Peyton cannot.

                    Hope you get your money back!

                    Thank's for the report. :thumb:


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                      I also went to the game ...

                      So my buddy and I got to the parking lot at around 415pm and it was already pretty packed. We ended up walking over to the guys in front of us who had a TV and a Fire Pit setup and talking with them for a little while. It was very very very windy and cold in the lot so we decided to go back into the car and drink our beers and watch the late games on my Samsung Galaxy S4 .... I have the Sunday Ticket so I have football on my phone!

                      We then decided to go ahead and walk over to the stadium around 615, which turned out to be a great idea because there was no one in line to get in ... we went through security at the north end, where the lighthouse is and immediately grabbed an Italian Sausage and a Brew .... there is a big open ended standing room only area at the north end of the stadium so we hung out there and ate our food and drank our brews.

                      We walked around the stadium and checked out some of the merch booths for my buddy to try and find a new hat and then grabbed a few more beers. At this point it was like 7 or 715 and the crowd started getting heavier, up until now I really hadn't been heckled or anything ... a few people asked where I was from and I heard the occasional Broncos suck being hollared out but nothing directed towards me personally.

                      We decided to head up to our seats ... waaaaaaaaay up to our seats! We were literally 2 rows from the top of the stadium! I figured it would be cold up there and while it was very cold ... my buddies seats are directly beside the camera box so we were shielded from the winds coming in from the north which was AWESOME!!!

                      There were a few Broncos fans around me, I think maybe 6 or 8 total .... and the rest were Patsie fans!

                      GAME TIME!!! and boy did we start hard and fast .... the crowd went silent at this point and of course us Bronco fans were going insane! I was cheering and what not but I kept it very polite and didn't say anything to anyone around me because I didn't want to get tossed down the section like a rag-doll and there is always the chance that things take a turn for the worse (which they did) and then you really look like an idiot! SO during the 1st half, I was pumped ... during the 2nd half as we all know, things went south and now the Patsie fans come out ... from that point you heard everything under the sun

                      - Manning Sucks
                      - Broncos Suck
                      - Jack Del-Rio Sucks
                      - Go Home Donkeys
                      - Tom Brady is God
                      - Bill Bellicheck is Baby Jesus

                      BLAH BLAH BLAH

                      But again, nothing directed towards me at all!

                      so the game ends and now comes the walk of shame .... to be honest though it wasn't bad ... I had one guy come up and put his arm around my neck like a friend and actually commended me for staying through the whole game and how hard it must have been to see the muffed punt at the end ruin the whole game like that and hope we meet again in the playoffs etc etc etc.

                      Overall I must say it was a great experience, albeit a bitter cold experience and the fact we loss made it even more hard to swallow but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!

                      Once I am able to post from my PC I will put up some pics!!


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                        Holy smokes! You typed all that from a PHONE?

                        Sounds like a pretty good time. That's cool you found a spot with a little protection from the wind. I stand near a tunnel, and use it quite a bit to get out of the wind sometimes myself.

                        Yeah, I bet they started talking in the second half. We'da done the same thing…

                        That's for the reports guys! Wish I coulda been there!


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                          Originally posted by JWinn View Post
                          Holy smokes! You typed all that from a PHONE?
                          Kinda ... I have a Galaxy S4 with talk to text so it's more like .... I talked all of that from a phone!!



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                            Originally posted by Jermz79 View Post
                            Kinda ... I have a Galaxy S4 with talk to text so it's more like .... I talked all of that from a phone!!


                            I didn't know phones did that these days. That's pretty cool. :thumb:

                            Again, thanks!