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  • First Timer Parking Question

    Coming in from CA for my first Broncos game. I am renting a car and driving to the stadium...Just curious what I should expect to pay for parking? Is there a lot of traffic before the games? Thanks in advance for your help. Go Broncos!!!

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    Yup, traffic is pretty heavy before and after games. The highway gets pretty filled up for me coming up from the south. There's been delays at the Sante Fe construction area that have really slowed game traffic.

    I think the cost is $30. I have a pass so I don't pay attention to the cash prices. The pass was $30 a game. It might be $35 for a single game.

    But you can park in lots on Federal for less. Lots of business's open their lots just for Bronco games. It's a bit farther away, but cheaper.


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      Yeah parking and prices vary, I think JWinn is correct on the stadium prices but be prepared to pay anywhere from $20-$60 for parking. And yes the traffic SUCKS the big one, you want to get to the game like 2 hours before the start for an easier drive and to find parking.

      There are free areas but you NEED to be careful about parking in the neighborhoods because you will be towed. I always park for Free at Lake Middle School. I park on the perimeter of the school side, if you park on the neighborhood side you WILL get towed. If all the perimeter is full you can park in the school lot for like $20. From there it's like a 6 block walk (not too bad) but if you do park in the school lot they sometimes have carts that will give you a ride to Federal (main street in front of stadium) for a tip.

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        Here's a handy guide to parking at Bronco's game including more info about street parking and towing: