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    Sorry if its been posted before, i could find any info.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on Tailgating Lots?
    When do gates open and what time do I have to arrive by?
    Any route info to or from the stadium (where coming from south denver)?

    Any info on tailgating in general would be appreciated as I'm going to the Jaguars game this weekend w/ some friends and we want to have the best experience possible! GO BRONCO!

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    So you can tailgate in all of the lots but only a handful are cash lots. Here is where you can go for info on what you can bring and when the open... http://www.sportsauthorityfieldatmil...transportation I will say you will need to show up early if you want a spot in the cash lots as they only have a certain amount of spots that are cash and then they have spots for parking pass holders.

    If you use twitter at all I would follow the stadium on there as they say they open the lots 5 hours prior to game time but sometimes they get opened earlier. But if you follow the field on twitter it will tweet out info on which lots are full or have room etc.

    Have fun at the game!