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Tailgating at the Pepsi Center ???

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  • Tailgating at the Pepsi Center ???

    Hello All,

    Going to the Chiefs game on the 17th. Only our 2nd game at the ‘new’ stadium.

    We have been invited to join a tailgate at The Pepsi Center ….. I have a few questions about how this works. Do folks just walk in from the Pepsi Center, or is there some type of shuttle? As a special treat, we have a car & driver for the day and an awesome parking pass in one of the lots right next to the stadium. Are there areas (businesses, etc.) around the Pepsi Center where our driver might be able to wait for us? I know I’m asking for a little speculation on that last question.

    Thanks, in advance for your help!!

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    Sorry, I don't know anything about tailgating at the Pepsi Center.

    But for your driver, if you have a parking pass, he's GOT a place to wait. I see many limos waiting outside the stadium in several areas after the games. If he's got the parking pass, they will find a spot for him in that lot.


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      JWinn ..... Thanks!

      I guess I'm just trying to figure out if the Pepsi Center is far enough away that it is worth trying to have our car wait for us ..... then scoop us up to take us to the lot where our parking pass is. Clearly this is Plan A. But if it is difficult for him / her to wait, then the car might need to leave us, go park in the lot with the pass. I'm just trying to figure out how we'll get to the game at that point.

      No biggie ...... I'm sure it will all sort itself out.