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Crazy or sane? Denver trip

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  • ocgirl79

    I am still hanging on to hope I can still go. My dad is not very happy on me going on. My mom has come around to the idea and thinks its great. Southwest prices are good so hopefully I can get my dad to come around. He is one of those dads that worries a lot, and a "no" from him even though I am 23, is a no. He did say if I wait until next year he will buy my tickets and flight if I go with friends. But, I want to go this season!

    Hopefully it works out so I can finally watch a game there!

    Thanks for both of your advice!

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  • EddieMac
    I was in the 500's at the last game and the whole crowd was a mix of people, and very nice ones.

    We cabbed it to and from the airport and we made a deal with the cabbie for the ride back at a fixed rate so we saved a little money.

    Go if you can.

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  • JWinn
    I think you should go.

    My daughter, 24 now, also has Lupus. Like you , she has spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital, and takes a variety of medications.

    The last few years though, she has had it under control, and has taken several trips, including one to Hawaii by herself last year, and had no problems. She just kept on her prescriptions.

    You and your doctor know what's the best thing for you.

    As for going with someone, that sounds like more fun to me, but I go alone from time to time, and have no problem with it.

    There's no reason why you would not be safe up in the 500's. They just bark, no biting, lol.

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  • ocgirl79
    started a topic Crazy or sane? Denver trip

    Crazy or sane? Denver trip

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if you guys remember me. I went to the charger game last year that woodyard got me the tickets to, and met him. And, I have a health condition called lupus. I haven't been well, but I am always on the board reading and of, course watching every game, from the hospital or home!

    In the last month, I have been doing better. I have a crazy idea. My parents think I am nuts. Due to my health, I never really know what lies ahead for me. I could be fine one week and in the hospital the next.

    I want to fly up to denver for the Titan game in the morning out of southern cal, go to the game by myself, then catch the night flight back home. I am a 23 year old female.

    Few questions, what is the public transportation to and from the game like? Or is a taxi better? And second, I probably would get seats in the 500s. I am alone. Would that be safe? My doctor says I should be fine health wise...I don't have a lot of cash, but enough to get me there, in for the game, and back home...My dream is to watch the broncos play at home.

    No one else can go with me, and sadly, my friends are mostly niners and chargers fans.

    My mom and dad say "we would advise you no, but we aren't stopping you.

    What do you guys think? Should I save up for next season and find a person to go with, or go now?