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  • NYC Bars Meet Up Regular Season

    With the last few games not being nationally televised, can someone let me know of the best bar in NYC to watch the games with sound and fellow Broncos fans?

    I usually hit the Village Pourhouse on 110th because I live uptown, but I'd guarantee that there won't be sound (either the Giants or Jets will be playing at the same time), and I'm usually the only Broncos fan there.

    I tried Google, but I couldn't get a definitive answer.

    Any place that has Left Hand beers will get immediate preference.

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    Just in case anyone reads this in the future, I tried two places: Butterfield 8 on 39th and 5th Ave and Mustang Harry's at 30th and 7th Ave. Both are good, but I have to give the nod to Mustang Harry's. Bigger crowd, the food was on point and they have Left Hand beer. I even got comped my fourth beer.


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      I might be moving to New York in the future. What's it like being a Bronco fan out there?
      You've got to know when to sack em...


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        Originally posted by Freestyle View Post
        I might be moving to New York in the future. What's it like being a Bronco fan out there?
        New York is so full of out-of-towners that it's no big deal. Jets fans are jealous and Giants fans wish they had our Manning.

        With Peyton as QB, most Broncos games are televised on the local channels, but they do get pre-empted by either of the local teams at times. It's off to one of the bars above when that happens.


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          I was born orange and blue given my dad was born and raised in Denver. I have lived on the east coast for a while. I have lived in Connecticut 11+ years.

          I had read about Butterfield 8, but had not heard of Mustang Harry's, Great info GratefulDawg.

          Generally, because I live in the burbs I watch from home with the package.

          However, anytime the team comes close I try to go. As Grateful said, the Jets fans tend to be a bit crude and unruly, Giants fans have been very pleasant and nice, Pats fans are nice but incredibly obnoxious.

          As Grateful said, it's not to bad really. However, not enough of us up here! United In Orange
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            NY Bronco fans represent!

            One of these days we should organize a BCMB meetup at one of these places to all watch a Broncos game together. I know there are several of us on the boards.


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              Kind of a late post. 7th avenue 29 th st. Mustang Harrys is a broncos bar.