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  • Coming to denver

    Coming for the Indy game. Had my room and car rented and parking spot paid for by 8:05 pm (my time-schedule was released at 8) on Wednesday.
    We'll be getting there fri night so I'm looking for fun things to to for Saturday

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    If you are an active person the Mountains will be great in early September. Since you have a car go check out Red Rocks. Its a one of a kind experience. Really it depends on what you are into.


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      Originally posted by 86Elwayfan View Post
      If you are an active person the Mountains will be great in early September. Since you have a car go check out Red Rocks. Its a one of a kind experience. Really it depends on what you are into.
      pretty sure we are going to pik's peak.. where is red

      also what can we expect the temperature to be?


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        Originally posted by teresa0955 View Post
        pretty sure we are going to pik's peak.. where is red

        also what can we expect the temperature to be?
        In September we could have anything from the 90's to snowing and everything in between. Usually it is pretty nice in the 80's but you never know.

        Bring your oxygen for Pikes Peak in which the summit is over 14,000ft. If you are not used to high altitudes you can easily get altitude sickness. Make sure you drink lots of water and stay hydrated. If you want a really long day you could swing down after Pikes Peak and see the Royal Gorge. It is spectacular.

        Red Rocks is much closer to Denver than Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is west of Colorado Springs while Red Rocks is in the foothills west of Denver.

        If you go to Red Rocks you could hop over and see the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum which is pretty close to Red Rocks. After that you could drop down in to Golden and take a tour of the Coors facility. Then you could hit the Railroad Museum going back into Denver. That would be a busy day if you could do that.

        Then you have to go eat at the Buckhorn Exchange to get the true western cuisine. Buckhorn Exchange holds the number 1 liquor license in the State of Colorado. They have Buffalo, Quail, Steaks, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Elk, Duck, Salmon. I highly recommend them.

        It really depends on what you enjoy doing as there are a lot of things to see here in Colorado.
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          Yeah, it can be anywhere from freezing to pretty hot in early September. lol

          But it's likely to be in the 80's during the day, and pretty warm for kickoff, but cool off to the 50's by the time the game ends. So you might want a light jacket, but probably not.

          But on Pikes Peak, One_Bad is right. I've seen people faint up there. And it's always in the 40's or 50's, even on a nice day, at 14,000 feet.

          It can be 85 in the Springs below you, but snowing on you at the summit. Definitely take a jacket up there, or you'll probably buy one there at inflated tourist prices, lol. The T-Shirts are cool, but they take you on the cold weather gear.

          If you make a day of Pikes Peak, you might want to consider the cog railway instead of driving. It gives you more time to acclimate to the altitude. At least, that's what my Aunt used to say. The road is more fun for drivers, but the train is also cool. She loved it.

          Have fun!


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            Thanks so much for the info. Will check out some of these.
            Had already checked on the train to go up pikes peak and that's prob what we will do


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              I would concede to what the local folks have to say, but as a visitor, here was my post from a previous thread...

              It's been a number of years since I visited Denver. And I have never been to a Broncos game.......that is, until this past Sunday. What a great little vacation my wife and I had, not only being part of the Sports Authority special, but being able to spend some quality time in the city and beyond. For my wife, it was her first time in the area, and she loved it. We enjoyed staying downtown, near the 16th Street action, as well as the tours we went on. Of course the weather was fantastic, although I'm hearing snow might sneak in on Friday. I hope it doesn't for your sake!

              Last year we actually had tickets and all our bookings for The Saints game, but I was hit with a bout of kidney stone blues just before we were leaving, and had to redeem everything.....and watch the game on TV. Luckily I learned a valuable lesson at the time, that travel insurance actually works!

              The game was fabulous, and now I have one less thing on the old bucket list.

              I just want to mention to those folks I've talked to before, about perhaps meeting if I visited, that in all fairness to my wife (who allows me to spend so much time here) I respect her wish for some privacy. I get that. She said it would be ok to meet at half time for example, but I realize now that we didn't have any extra time to do so, given we were splashing more suntan lotion on, and trying to get in some washroom/cold drink activities......and barely made it back for the kickoff!

              If I ever come alone, I will look you folks up!

              Bonus......while taking one last walk around the downtown area (last evening) we bumped into two great hockey players - Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, who were in for their game with The Avs. I got to have a brief chat (mostly me talking!) at a street corner, as they were headed for supper across the street! Amazing! I must have sounded like a goof as I described them as 2 of the best hockey players on the planet, to my wife. Actually, they are.

              THANKS AGAIN DENVER, COLORADO!!! You are still as beautiful as ever! (next time I'll make it up to Pike's Peak!)

              .......have fun!!!

              And if you aren't keen on driving up high, I was also advised about taking the train up. As well, Red Rocks was great!!

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                One more post I had made in response to another visitor's question....

                I am certainly not an expert but I can tell you what we liked. We stayed in the downtown area (a little expensive but we expected to pay for that location), and even though there was no shuttle service from our hotel, we could easily walk to 16th street (one block away) and enjoy the food/ambiance of the area. 16th Street has free shuttle buses, so you can catch one if you don't want to walk. For the game, we took advantage of catching the buses at the Market terminal that start running about 2 hours before the game. It is not a long ride, and cost $4.50 per person, return trip. Some folks were walking to the game, which I can only estimate as a couple of miles. It amazed me that we left the game just before it ended, and found the bus, and were back downtown for supper all within about 25 minutes. Maybe we timed it just right????

                I like the restaurant selection on 16th Street, although we ended up eating at The Cheesecake Factory more than the others. But there are a lot of nice spots, and if you like eating outdoors, you have some nice options.

                The downtown seemed quite safe to me, but like everywhere else, there are folks walking there that you try to ignore. I believe the police are regular visitors, so all in all, felt pretty good walking, even in the evening. On the weekend for sure it was busy with folks taking in the atmosphere, so it was perfect.

                As for tours, we ended up doing a city/mountain park tour, which we were driven to and from. The gathering point is Cherry Creek Mall, which is a very good place for folks who like to shop. We didn't walk to it, but I see that Elway's restaurant is at one end of the facility. (I also saw one at the airport).

                The city tour was not great, but our driver did know a lot about the area, and I liked seeing all the sports sights, and hearing the details about them. I believe our driver did a really good job of informing us about the city.

                We liked the mountain parks tour, which takes you to Red Rock park, the amazing concert location within the unusual rock formations. It seems like all the greats have played there! The acoustics of this rock structure make it a worthy amphitheatre, and the views are fantastic. The tour also took us to the resting area/museum of Buffalo Bill Cody, which also had a great viewing area, at about 7,400 feet. I liked some of the sights along the way, as we rode thru the canyon, and passed some little mountain towns.

                We are not big on heights, so we avoided the Pike's Peak tour......but apparently it is done by a train, that takes you to the top. If you are ok with elevation, it is supposed to be a great opportunity!

                All in all, just ask the hotel folks about tours.

                I would love to have gone to Boulder, because I really like that place. But the recent flooding was still a problem. On my last trip we also visited the Stanley Hotel, in the town of Estes, which is connected with the movie "The Shining."

                I'm sure if you had a car, you could drive through mountains for days and days. The scenery is amazing! I guess a lot of this has to do with how many days you spend in Denver.

                Hope I have described/explained things accordingly! Anyone else please join in if I am a little off on my details, plus feel free to expand on how you would do things.


                Finally, make sure you wear sun tan lotion and bring a hat if possible. The temperature was beautiful when we went (in September), but the Denver sun was intense, pending where your seats are. People were sweating and some were probably burnt the next day!

                UPDATE: I see that your game is in the evening. Maybe my lotion/hat advice is unnecessary!!!
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                  I am taking my 83 year old mom with me to Denver for the Indy game on Sept 7th (she will not be going to the game though). If you don't mind me asking, what hotel did you stay at? I want her to be safe and close to touristy locations that we can enjoy besides the game.

                  Any help would be greatly appreciated.