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  • First timer need help.

    Aloha fellow Bronco fans, I'm traveling from Hawaii to watch my first ever Denver Broncos game live against non other then the New England Patriots. I'm in Section 105-Row 5 and would like some pros and cons sitting at the lower level from people who sat in that section and row/rows. Would appreciate the feed back. Mahalo GO BRONCOS!!!

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    Can't remember but I want to say that that game is later in the season so bring cold weather gear!
    Glen Haven Fire


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      LMAO yeah right living in Hawaii he don't have any cold weather gear but plan to get some just for this trip.


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        I moved your thread to the tailgating/visiting Denver area. There is LOTS of helpful information here.


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          Originally posted by Sam24 View Post
          LMAO yeah right living in Hawaii he don't have any cold weather gear but plan to get some just for this trip.
          I remember a ski store in Waikiki, by the Sheraton at the end of the beach, in a mall just about a block from the hotel. Upstairs by a huge Chinese restaurant. They had everything you'd find in a ski shop in Aspen or Vail. More snowboards then skis though. I remember a lot of Ice Climbing equipment for some reason.

          Dave probably knows the mall, assuming he lives on Oahu.

          Dave, I do NOT sit there, but….

          In section 105, row 5, you will be right behind the team, very close to the action. Close enough you'll probably be able to hear talk on the Broncos sideline. Certainly players/coaches screaming at each other, which happens a lot.

          105 is the section with the alternate player field entrance. The one the QB's use more often. If your in seat # 1 in row five, your right there at that tunnel. One of the few spots where people can maybe get a glove, or something from a player after the game. And of course say something to them as they pass. Get a high five (although row 5 might be a little high up for that) maybe.

          Excellent location!

          The only drawback will be some plays will be hard to see, because your so low, the players standing on the sideline, in front of you, will block some plays for you. Row 5, you'll be elevated a little bit, so it might not be too bad. But you'll have to watch plays that happen right in front of the team along our sideline on the big screen.

          Congrats on the great seats, and have fun! :thumb:


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            Definitely gonna bring warm gear. Mahalo for the heads up.


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              Thank you.


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                I live on Kauai, but have been to that store before. I appreciate all of your help and hope I score Seats close if not next to the tunnel. After I purchased the tickets I realized how low to the ground they were, but could not pass up the opportunity. This is probably my first and last time I travel and visit to Denver or mainland in general due to how expensive it is to live here. I cannot wait to experience the game live and already have a rush waiting for the day. I predict Broncos vs Packers for Superbowl 50. #BroncoNation


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                  Your gonna have a blast Dave.

                  Even the first row is elevated about 6 feet or so, so don't let me make you think you'll be sitting low, behind the team, like those ground level seats in Dallas.

                  You'll be above them, well enough to see that vast majority of the action. Only those plays that end right in front of our sideline will be blocked at all.

                  I am right up behind you, slightly to your left, the next level up.

                  I'd suggest being early. This alternate tunnel is closer to locker room, and that's why the QB's use this a lot, especially during pre game warmups.

                  Peyton will come out of that tunnel, and go back inside thru that tunnel several times. He often uses it rather than the main tunnel at halftime, and it's the tunnel where any injured player usually exits the field. (The trainers rooms are right behind that tunnel.) Only if they need a cart do they go out the main tunnel the team parades thru before each game.

                  Ya know, that store in Waikiki. That was about ten years ago I went there. I have no idea if it's still even there. But I know they ski on the Big Island. I went there for a ski trip back in the late 70s.

                  But your on Paradise. A house on the north shore, by the Tunnels, is a serious option for retirement for me. I could get used to snorkeling there every day. Even in the rain. I just don't see those houses that back up to that beach for sale that often. (not that I am actively looking right now)

                  Ya got Bubbas right down the street for beef, so………. :thumb:

                  Any chance of that street being expanded someday? The one drawback to Kauai is the highway. A house by the Tunnels is worth it for the parking alone! I almost trashed my rented Mustang in the little dirt parking lot up near He"ena. lol. I BARELY got IN to that lot in the Mustang. That's a 4wd lot, lol.

                  Anyway, your going to love your seat. Your right in the middle of the action, and in an area most people (I know) would kill to sit in.


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                    Thanks J for all the feedback. Kauai has changed a lot, still a beautiful place to live though. I'm hoping the ppl there are open to let us check out their tailgating. I can't wait for the time to come I'm beyond excited.