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Fan Etiquette at Training Camp

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  • Fan Etiquette at Training Camp

    As a loyal Bronco fan I get it! There is something almost surreal about being up and close with the players and that's amazing. That being said, as a father I don't get it...what type of animal would nearly trample a 6 year old to get a Manning autograph? How about some common courtesy and decency to put aside your disires for another grown person's hand writing and help a little kid out whos being crushed in a pile of ravenous adults? I think we can do better Bronco Country.

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    Wow! Really?

    I read about this at Giants camp. People clamoring over each other to get at Odell and Victor Cruz, but had not seen anything about here.

    Sad to say I am not surprised. Bronco fans are people just like Giant fans.

    This is why I pass on TC, and just go to the private practice for the club level. That's only a few hundred people -- and they act the exact same way.

    God forbid a kid just trying to meet his hero should get in the way of some jerk trying to make a buck on ebay, or getting his 15th Manning auto in person. There's a lot of "entitled" people in our midst.

    I had to squeeze my way thru to get my Manning auto, but I didn't have to mow down any kids to get there.

    Felt lucky to get it honestly. Players like him and Elway attract everyone like flies when they start signing, and people's manners and decency suddenly disappear when they think they can get something. Think Wall Mart opening the doors for Black Friday, and grown women fighting over a vacuum or TV.

    It can seem like that for players like that.

    Yet I have taken pictures of Ring of Fame Broncos, sitting at the signing table in the club, with a pair of cheerleaders, and nobody giving them a second glance.

    Who can figure people out, huh?

    Sorry that happened. I trust you let someone from the team know about this? I am sure they would like to address the problem if kids are getting crushed. That's not the way to endear fans.

    I read the Giants plan to do something……


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      Hey man, which day was this? Because I went on the last day and there was this gigantic sweaty slob who kept cussing women and kids out and pushing them out of the way. Ive never wanted to cold clock someone as bad as i did that day in my entire life