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Should I get different seats?

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    Originally posted by 86Elwayfan View Post
    I will say my seats are 13 rows up near the north endzone and i don't ever have a problem seeing the game. Though i don't ever have players in front of me. I have to watch the big screen once in a while but not that often.
    Awesome... that's encouraging to hear.:thumb:


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      Originally posted by rockymtnbronco View Post
      Ok thank you for your clarification 86Elwayfan.

      Hopefully Sophia23 will chime in here and clear things up.

      If not then maybe someone else that has sat in the lower sections of the stadium (near the 40 or 50) up in the higher rows (30-41) can help me out...

      I'm sometimes bad about returning to read responses … but I got to you in a pm, so guess we're good.

      Anyways, I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. If you at anytime have a problem seeing what's going on on the field, check the big monitors, and you won't miss anything.
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        Thank you Sophia!

        With Sophia's permission, posted below is what I was sent in a private message from Sophia in response to my question about where the location of the tickets were...


        Hi rockymtnbronco,

        It's funny I keep sentimental stuff like that. Maybe I was little off it's the closest I've been to the fifty yard line, but my tickets from that Mile High game were Section 124 row A21 seat 7 and seat 8. hehe - still had a news paper clipping attached to them that said 2 hours of Violence - cause they beat up on the Eagles. Hope your game is as enjoyable to watch!

        If your in row 40 you may have a better view. I would need to find where my club seats were when I attended that game .... I'll see if I can find out - they were higher up, but seriously felt like it was a much better view of the field. I'll let you know if I come across those. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to watch the big monitors a lot at the game to have the best idea as to what's happening. I really don't remember watching them that much at all from our club seats, but have any time I've been on the first level.

        I look for the club tickets over the next couple days... so you have an idea where those seats were at if your most interested in the view.

        Take Care - Sophia


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          Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have decided to keep my tickets and can't wait for opening day.... Go Broncos!!


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            There's not a bad seat in the house. I've sat everywhere. 500's north end zone, 500's on the 50 (Both sides), I've sat in the 300s both sides, I've sat in the 100's north end zone, south stands, ive sat a few rows up from the field and 40 rows up. Your tickets are good. I must say I personally prefer the south stands.