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First Denver Game! Travelling from the UK, talk to me

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  • First Denver Game! Travelling from the UK, talk to me

    RIGHT! Hey guys, and girls.

    I'm from Liverpool, England and I'm coming over for the Chiefs game (hopefully).... Ill be heading over alone and although I've passed through Denver several times I've never had more than a short overnight stay. Tell me about gameday, where are the events at? While I'm over what should I see and do, what's a good place to stay...? I'm booking this very last minute and that's cool but frankly I'm a bit clueless about what my plans are once I land.

    All suggestions welcome, oh I'm Andrew by the way.
    Nice to meet you all.

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    As someone not from Denver I can only speak of my experiences visiting.

    - On gameday, there is a lot of tailgating and things to do around the stadium so arrive early to soak it all in.
    - When in town, I rent a car and stay on the outskirts of town as the hotels seem a bit better value. Hotels just off I-70 around the airport are good value. I have also stayed down near Park Meadows Mall and the Denver Tech Center as there is value to be had there. I am yet to stay downtown because you have to pay to park the rental car.
    - Things that I have done and enjoyed: checking out Red Rock Amphitheater, a drive up to Boulder for a walk around and looking at the Flatirons, eating dinner at Cherry Creek, I also always try and check out a Nuggets or Avs game if they are town when I am. Golden and the Corrs brewery tour is also fun.
    - If you have more time, head up into the mountains or down to Colorado Springs and do the ride up Pikes Peak. Rocky Mountain National Park is also a must if you have time.

    Enjoy! I am heading into town for the Pats game, cant wait.


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      My problem is being unable to get a rental car to be honest, I've found a few hotel options downtown which are't so bad, there is a Colorado Buffaloes game in Boulder on Saturday, any ideas on getting there? Around 20-30miles away I believe.


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        Sorry I am not a whole lot of help then. Maybe someone else can chime in. I would certainly imagine there is an express bus up to Boulder. There is also the light rail that can get you down to Cherry Creek is you want to go there.