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  • My Denver Stadium Review

    Bronco fans, good game. You dominated us more than we have been in years, as I always do, I post my review of the stadium we visit. Take it for what it is worth, but this is what we experienced, and my thoughts of your town/stadium that I posted on my teams forum. Again, congrats. Your team will be hard to beat and hopefully we can meet again in SF.

    I do this every year, and this was a beatdown, but here we go. I have been to Lambeau, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit, Tennessee, Atlanta, Buffalo, Seattle, San Diego, Kansas City, and now Denver:

    City of Denver- Now known for the city where weed is legal, the city was a blast. We went out all day/night Thursday, Friday day/night, and Saturday day/night. Good bars, alright food, and people were great to us. We hit up Lodo (Lower Downtown) and all surrounding areas. Some great bars. We had a bunch of good local brews as always.

    Tailgating- The tailgating in Denver was actually pretty good. The lot space wasn't huge, but they made the most of it. Not organized to fit tons of cars in a small space with big gaps of open areas with no vehicles. Food smelled great, and music was rocking. I would probably put it 4rd on my list of tailgate atmosphere's.

    Game atmosphere- Denver had more theatrics than most of the stadiums I have been to. They had guys parachute into the stadium to begin, a lot more fireworks, the horse thing, and of course it was Pat Bowlen's ring of honor night as well as the 1997 Bronco appreciation night. The crowd was decent noise wise, nothing spectacular, nothing quiet. There were a pile of Packer fans there, though we didn't have much to cheer for, it would have been cool if it was a good game because when the Packers went into the endzones and waived their hands up you heard roars from Packer faithful.

    The Stadium- I have always wanted to go to Mile High, so when I saw it was coming up on the schedule I declared we are going there no matter what. We did a stadium tour on Friday. Clean, nice boxes, it just felt new inside the stadium. Not the history of Lambeau because it is a newer stadium, but very sharp. Concessions are great as well.

    The Fans- Like I mentioned, Mile High was on my short bucket list of stadiums. I couldn't wait to go, and the previous 3 days were great. People treated us well, even while in the lot tailgating. When we got into the stadium it was a different story. We were consistently taunted, and not in a good playful way like you get in most stadiums. We were constantly told to get the heck out of the city and "GO BACK HOME" in the way we say go pack go. Couldn't even count the amount of middle fingers we got, and my buddies and I are very respectful while on these trips.

    We ended up sitting in the upper section because tickets were so crazy, and we always sit in the lower bowl but decided against spending $700 per ticket. It was very steep in the 500 section. At one point in the second quarter we saw a Bronco fan close to us taunting a Packer fan. The Packer fan stood up and told him to quiet down, the Bronco fan proceeded to grab him by the collar and throw him down the rows into people. He went down 5-6 rows, landing 3 rows from falling out of the section and down into the lower bowl. Couldn't believe it, have never seen anything like it. When the police came, tons of Bronco fans pointed at the Packer fan as if he should get booted, luckily some Bronco fans told the police what happened and the Bronco fan was escorted out.

    Right in front of us was bad as well, a man and his son (probably 8-9 years old) were sitting. His son had blue and orange pom poms and the kid kept hitting a Packer fan next to him in the face with them at random times, and did the same to a Packer fan in front of him. The dad did nothing. I watching it over and over, and the Packer fans did nothing about it. I leaned over and told the dad that this is a teaching moment and to tell his son you can't treat people like that, he did nothing. Then I leaned over to the kid and said, "You see on the jumbotron they keep saying the term RESPECT, you are being very disrespectful, please stop that". He did after that.

    The guys behind us heckled us the entire game making fun of us because we "own" the team. All game. I talked to them about the stock thing because they bashed on that quite a bit. They actually think we buy Packer stock because we think we will gain money on it, they think it is moronic, but they just don't understand. But yeah, all game we hear from them, and it wasn't good natured ribbing.

    The guy about 5 rows in front of us was really bad as well. He was waiving his middle finger back at us and all the Packer fans around us. Telling us that we heard obscenities and yelling "Get out of here, not welcome". Taking pictures of all the Packer fans during the game sitting in disappointment. He spend like 3/4 of the game not even watching the game, just bashing on us telling us we made a trip for nothing. Dude just doesn't get it. At the end of the game he razzed every single Packer fan as the walked out saying that we need to crawl back into the hole of the NFL that we belong in. Yeah, 6-1 with 1 bag game is embarrassing... The girl behind him did a lot of the same as he did waiving at us laughing the entire game.

    When we walked out we had to circle down a row several times to get out of the stadium and go downstairs. We were yelled at, pushed a bunch of times, and taunted the whole 20 minutes down.

    Like I said, 13 stadiums and I have never seen anything like it. I have always heard it about Oakland and Philly, but never expected it there, not in a million years. It was bad all the way around on this end.

    Overall- We had fun on the trip overall. This is my one guys trip that we do, and we love to go soak up another city, drink their local beers, check out the nightlife, see their stadiums, and support the Packers. Besides the outcome of the game and the fans gametime we were really happy. I would rate the city highly, the game experience at the bottom of our trips. Long way to go, but someday we hope to see all 32! GO PACK!
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    I'm sorry to hear that.

    The one game I've been to was a home game against Seattle back in 2011, I went with 2 friends of mine who are Seahawks fans, and they got some of that same "heckling but not in a playful way" you guys got, but not to anywhere near that level.


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      Cool story. Had a nasty drunk packers fan flip me off because I told her to be quiet after being drunk and obnoxious for 3 straight quarters. Sounds like you were one of those obnoxious fans. Btw, in all the dozens upon dozens of games I've been to, I've never seen an opposing fan be treated like how you said. You're kinda full of it, just sayin.


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        Wow what an experience. I've always found it interesting to watch how fans of opposing teams interact when they're leaving the stadium. Also I wouldn't let a dozen obnoxious fans reflect on the 60+ thousand fans that were also there Sunday.


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          That's crazy. I had Raven fans by me for the home opener in the lower section and I don't remember any Bronco fans laying into them. Even walking to the stadium the Raven fans were getting booed but that's about it, nothing really nasty was said that I could hear anyway. Sounds like you ran into some rough locals.

          Those locals sounded down right neighborly when compared to what I deal with when I wear a Denver jersey at a Giants or Jets game here in NJ. Personally, I dig all fans and welcome them when I am in the stadium or tailgating (aside from Patriot* fans, I don't respect anyone who blindly supports cheaters, sucks my best friend is a Pats* fan.).


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            Never have I seen any of what you've mentioned done to an opposing fan, and if it was anywhere close to that, the opposing fan brought it upon themselves in one way or another by being completely obnoxious. The "Go Back Home" chant is the only thing you mentioned that I witnessed, and let's be honest here, it's our home, we're not going to let you come in and get your chants going without a fight... I don't go into Arrowhead and chant "IN-COM-PLETE" every time Alex Smith has a ball land on the ground... I'm glad our team did a good job of shutting you guys up, honestly... "Go Back Home"

            I should say, the vast majority of you guys were incredibly fun spirited, only ran into one Packers fan I'd call an idiot, but he was drunk so what do you expect... I'd rate you guys a 9/10 on how you presented yourselves in our home...
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              I have been three times and always been treated very well. I have never seen abuse of other fans in any way.

              Even during a Chargers blowout of us a few of their fans came down to heckle the bench. They were respectful enough to ask the Broncos fans if it was OK, and no one treated them poorly.


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                Yep, this dude is complaining that people were saying "go back home" when him and his obnoxious friends were saying "go pack go" seriously? Grow a pair brotha!!!

                Btw we held the loudness record for 12 or 13s years in a row in the NEW Mile High. I've been to a ton of games and that was one of the loudest. You're full of it
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                  Heck, even the Packers fan I mentioned as being a drunken idiot, I jawed with him for a few seconds, slapped hands and hugged him and told him to enjoy his stay. I can only hope the folks at Lambeau are as gracious as we were.
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                    Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
                    Heck, even the Packers fan I mentioned as being a drunken idiot, I jawed with him for a few seconds, slapped hands and hugged him and told him to enjoy his stay. I can only hope the folks at Lambeau are as gracious as we were.
                    The packers fans in front of me got mad. One got on his phone and started playing a crossword puzzle and the other sat there silent. The packers fans behind me were drunk and barely coherent and flipped me off and everyone else off when I told her to shut up after deafening us with her screeching voice. I guarantee Broncos fans would've had a harder time in Green Bay


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                      Home crowd chanting to cover visiting fans chant is sortof sports 101 haha. Complaining about that is strange and sortof discredits anything else in this post, imo.


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                        Like I said, take it for what it's worth to you, this was just my experience. And it wasn't the crowd chanting go back home, it was several fans screaming it at us waiving their middle fingers at us. It was just the first time we have experienced something like this in our trips.

                        Again, congrats on the win. Thanks for hosting us, Denver was a fun town to party in.


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                          It goes both ways, you know.

                          There was an OBNOXIOUS GB fan (not drunk)
                          making derogatory and over the top comments
                          every five seconds! After two minutes of this a
                          fellow Broncos fan had enough.

                          Drunk Broncos fan, "You better shut your mouth
                          before you get your head knocked off!"

                          The GB fan become upset and stated,
                          "Hey man, I came here to support my team!"

                          Broncos fan, "That's great, but do it respectfully.
                          We don't want to hear profanity and nonsense every
                          five seconds!"

                          Packers fan, "I can do what I want."

                          ***Broncos fan starts charging at him***

                          ***GB fan sits down and remains silent for
                          the rest of the game. At the end of the game,
                          GB fan sees one of his buddies and attempts to
                          pick a physical fight with said Broncos fan***

                          I hurriedly left.