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week 4/oct 2 2016 @ tampa bay bucs

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  • week 4/oct 2 2016 @ tampa bay bucs

    What's up Bronco Nation? I'm looking for some fellow Bronco fans in the TB area to go to the week 4/oct 2 2016 game @ bucs. I'd like to be able to sit with some allies in hostile territory, let me know if you're interested soon before tickets sell out.

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    Nick, Ill be going to the game. I already got my tickets though. They're going fast and are quiet ridiculously expensive even at face value. I paid $85 after fees to sit on the top level at about the 45 yard line on the Broncos side of the field. If you sit on the Bucs side, tickets are like an extra $5 each. Im sure that 3rd party resale tickets are gonna be insanely priced.

    This is what happens when you're Super Bowl Champs. Teams jack up the price for when the Champs come to town.

    Ill also be going to the Jacksonville game too in December. Those tickets were a little lighter on my wallet thankfully.
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      I'll be at the Tampa game also but unfortunately I already bought my tickets from a friend who is a season ticket holder.

      I'll be in section 220, south Endzone on the Bucs side ....

      I wouldn't worry to much about being in a hostile environment here in Tampa though, most fans around here are bandwagoners and only really start getting pumped if their teams are doing well and going deep into the playoffs or championships. Bucs fans are a little different than the Rays or Lightning fans as they do tend to rally around the team even though they curse the team and owners at the same time!

      But as the day grows closer, maybe we can setup something to get together before for a beer or 3!


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        I am flying out to the game in Tampa as well!!! Looking to tailgate with some fellow Bronco fans!!!! We already have tickets. Section 124, South endzone. Let me know if there's a tailgate party lined up!!!! This will be my first time in Tampa so I'm not too familiar with the area.....