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Denver Fan Since 2004 Attending My First Game!

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  • Denver Fan Since 2004 Attending My First Game!

    There's a possible opportunity for me to attend my first ever Broncos game this year and I really don't even know where to begin when making plans. My work may be sending me to a conference the weekend of October 9th (Falcons) and I definitely plan to attend the game.

    I've never been to Denver and really have very little idea which part of town I should be staying to meet the requirements of my work, but also not be too far from the stadium. It looks like most of the sessions are actually in Boulder. Is it expensive/feasible to stay at an airport hotel and get transportation to Boulder as well as the stadium? Or, am I going to have to stay in Boulder the whole time?

    Thank you

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    Boulder is 45 minutes away from Denver, give or take.

    Might be easiest to rent a car - drive in to Denver for the game, fork over the dough to park somewhere, then drive back to Boulder after.


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      Yeah i would ask your work to rent you a car. (you'll need one anyway to get to Boulder) and just drive down for the game. Look up the Bronco Bus info at as that can be an option from Boulder as well. Last thing you could do is take the B Line lightrail from Westminster and then get over to the stadium from Union Station.

      Oh and to answer your question on the Airport hotel...don't do that to yourself. DIA is about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes from Boulder.