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    Have family coming from Oregon for the home opener against Carolina on Thursday. They were hoping to do some tailgating before the game but since we will not have a car or parking space to do our own tailgating...I saw the Mountain Village. Was wondering if anyone has done the Village and if so what are your specific questions are: is it worth the $25 to do the buffet and drink specials, are the drink specials for the entire time of the event (2:30-4:30) or just a 1 time deal and if we go in at 2:30 are we stuck in there until game time...or do they allow reentry for the game? Other pregame tailgating suggestions? Thank you

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    I can't help you but I was reading this article the other day and it made me freaking jealous and excited for all the fans who will be able to attend the festivities. I can't believe Atwater and other greats will be there, wish I could go..

    Autograph sessions will be held throughout both days, with appearances by former Broncos Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey, John Lynch, Rod Smith and Clinton Portis, among others.
    Here's a link to the article:

    Have fun!
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      Thank you for the info... I did see this but was not sure how far the Civic Center was from the stadium.


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        We went to the Mountain Village a few years ago when we went to our first game (Manning 7 TDs vs Ravens). I did not try the buffet (not sure they had it back then) so I can't help you there. However, if I remember right we were still able to get drink specials and I think beers were only about $2-$3 while in there. They had a couple sports commenters in there when we were there and they talked about the game and NFL in general which kept it interesting. They also had a place to sign up for prizes and we won pre-game field passes which were awesome.
        I believe you are stuck in there once you go in so be certain that you have seen everything outside of the stadium before you venture in.

        We travel from Texas so we don't tailgate but like to park in a lot that has it because of the atmosphere. Lot M (south of stadium) has a group called Sons of Mile High that is open to the public. You might look them up on Facebook or Twitter, they seem like a fun group who are happy to have more people. There is also a restaurant called Brooklyn's that is SE of the stadium (within walking distance) that has food and drinks if you want something before the stadium opens.

        Enjoy the game! I'll be there cheering as well!


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          Thank you for the info...How cool to win field passes!