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Anybody going to the game?

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  • Anybody going to the game?

    In MIA celebrating my birthday weekend. Just wondering if anybody here is going to the game? Maybe we can “stage” at one of the stadium watering holes and have a round!

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    I was gonna buy tix but opted not to do it. I made the drive down to Homestead 2 weeks ago for the race. Not into making that long drive again already. It’s not worth it when we are 3-8 and now decimated with injuries. Just gonna watch it on TV.
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      There are soooooo many Bronco fans here in town! Everywhere I go, i run into families, groups of friends, or just couples, and all Bronco fans. We went to the Heat game last night ($10 tickets) and because they were so cheap, i High-5’d at least 100 other Bronco fans.

      But i can totally understand not wanting to take another long drive back to back like that.