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Pre-season game question

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  • Pre-season game question

    I’m taking my kids to their first ever NFL game this weekend to see the Broncos take on the Vikings. I have seen people post WHERE the players enter the stadium, but no indication of WHEN. When do we need to arrive to see players (especially Von Miller) enter? (Kick off is at 7:05)

    Also, even though it’s a preseason game, will there still be tailgating (both official and unofficial)? I’m just trying to decide what time to arrive to get the whole experience.


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    Hi Laine. Welcome to Broncos Country. Unfortunately I cannot help you with your question. But I wanted to stop by and say Welcome to the BCMB. Hope you and your family have a great time. Very excited for you and your kids.

    Come back after the game and let us know how it went.:thumb:
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