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Canton 2019 or Bust

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  • Canton 2019 or Bust

    Okay, folks and friends.... let's start planning our trip!

    A little background... my first trip was to see Elway inducted in '04. That was on the old High School field and our tickets were about midfield on the right hash as you looked at the stage.

    We went last year for TD and the ceremony has been moved to the "new" stadium. Man, it was GORGEOUS! And impressive for a High School.. and the Cleveland Browns....

    Anywho... I fully plan to head out this next year for Champ and Pat. Anyone else wanna go? Might be fun to join up at some point the night before or that day at the NFL experience they do.

    My plan is to head out the morning before, play that day and evening, head to the Stadium for the day, ceremony, then head back to the hotel and go home the day after. But, nothing is booked yet, so nothing is solid other then I'll be out there at some point.
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    The scary part is Champ isnt a lock. Since Reed/Gonzalez are locks for 1st ballot--I can see the committee give some excuse that Champ was borderline and they wouldnt want to give 3 1st ballot players in 1 year.

    Sounds crazy but the HOF voters have given me ZERO hope that they would make Champ a 1st ballot HOFer.


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      I wanna go. Hopefully he gets in and we can make this plan