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Visiting Denver: What should I do for 4 days?

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  • Visiting Denver: What should I do for 4 days?

    Hey guys and girls. I got my tickets for the Browns vs Broncos game in 3 weeks so it looks like Im making my way from Columbus to Denver for a extended weekend. I need advice though on what to do. Im traveling with my spouse and another couple who have never been to Denver. I have been to the city a handful of times so Im basically considered the 'guide' of our 4 day trip that includes the game on Sat.

    Last time I came to Denver we went to Coors and did a tour there, walked around Lookout Point (sp?), saw Buffalo Bills gravesite and basically roamed around downtown visiting bars like 1UP arcade, Illegal Petes and a few other bar spots in the same area around Coors Field.

    This time around Im wondering if there are any cool local resturants or places to visit that you would recommend that we hit? I was thinking Red Rocks eventhough nobody is playing and just bouncing around downtown after making another similar day trip to Golden.

    Are there any good watering holes, places to make sure to eat (local type not chain) or anything else to make sure to visit while we are there? Outside of doing the Golden day-trip again and seeing Red Rocks I cant come up with anything else to do for the other 3 days outside of hop around downtown eating and drinking haha

    Any help would be great! Im trying to give my few friends a good Denver trip to remember.

    PS-- Im a huge snowboarder and I couldnt be more upset that Im going to Denver in December and not bringing my board with me. Its almost like going to Florida and not seeing the beach
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    Here are a couple quick suggestions...

    If you are there on the 13th, go on the stadium tour. I enjoyed it when we were there in September.

    Botanic gardens are lit up for the holidays. Bundle up, it can be cold.