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I Feel Sorry For The Texans And Here Is Why

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  • Originally posted by DenBronx

    Get it right ...7 wins for the 2nd time..


    • Originally posted by Bullpen Drew View Post
      Get it right ...7 wins for the 2nd time..
      boy im even more impressed.


      • Sorry Texas_Chic you were not correct because the Texans scored on two plays right out of the Shanahan Playbook. Which is what makes no sense. How can the Denver Defense not stop what they see every day in practice?

        I feel sorry for the Texans because they aren't going to get as high a First round draft pick as the Broncos. All they will get is a tougher schedule.


        • That's true. I became a Texans fan because one I live REALLY close to houston and two, I want to witness history not remeniss about it. Dang got to hand it to you guys you really know how to push a plate of crow back. Oh and I didn't wanna root for the cheating Cowgirls and live in the past over there either.


          • Originally posted by Tellway View Post
            Hi sports fans, you have asked for it, you have needed it, you have thrown tantrums for it, and you are going to get it. Lets take a walk together down MY VISION lane and see how this thing is going to turn out shall we...

            I feel sorry for the texans and here is why...

            1. Ron Dayne is averaging a whopping 3.9 yds per carry. Oh my, you thought this guy ran slow when he was with us, wait until you see how slow he looks going against us. This is going to look abusive, and many of you will be feeling sorry for Dayne, long before the first quarter is even over. The guy wouldn't even make our team this year.

            2. Gary Kubiak. Yes I know this draws lines in the sand with the old loyalty issue. However, Mr Gary decided to leave the Bronco family and go spread his wings elsewhere. Well I have this to say Mr Gary. So so suck your toe all the way to Mexico. So there. We made you what you are today, and on Thursday we will exercise our right to take it away from you. Shangenius is going to pull out the moves he never taught you(yes he knew this would happen some day) and take you to Bronco school again!

            3. Brandon The Beast, Snowplow, Snowman, Snowangel, Snowblower, SnowRemover, deicer, MARSHALL will be playing for our squad. Do I really need to say more here??? I mean the guy is sick in a very sick way, he will have his fun, and he will hurt you and your squad Gary. He will hurt you real bad.

            4. Jay Cutler. Simply a stud. (any questions just check out my other threads on Jay, that should clear things up a bit for ya...)

            5. Selvin is emerging as our star, Travis will run it for us in the red zone to punch it in, that is unless Selvin takes it in from 40 or 50 yards out. This one two punch will make a statement game to the league, that they are a tandem to be feared.

            6. Shanny will be so far in Gary's head that Kubes may be clawing at his own forehead trying to get him out of there. This will be a classic example of master and student, and no Gary you will not take the pebble from Shanny's hand.

            Ok kids, thats it for this week, lets keep it clean, and enjoy as we hammer the X out of the Texans. The Coloradans are coming to town!
            sorry tellway, but Kubiak took the pebble from Shanahan's hand.

            who's the master now?